The Best of Zara: Spring/Early Summer

I, like everyone else, am obsessed with Zara. However, because there is so much to look at, the website can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for you, I scoured it for you and picked out some of the best!


ZARA Heeled Leather Square Toe
ZARA Heeled Leather Square Toe - $89.90 Photo credit: zara

Heeled Leather Square Toe: These strappy black sandals will be perfect all year round.

Heeled Leather Sandals with Padded Strap
Heeled Leather Sandals with Padded Strap - $99.90 Photo credit: zara

Heeled Leather Sandals with Padded Strap: The mismatch of the pairs makes these sandals so unique!

Zara Leather High Heeled Sandals
Zara Leather High Heeled Sandals - $69.90 Photo credit: zara

Leather High Heeled Sandals: These purple sandals will go perfectly with a pair of straight-legged jeans!


Zara Orange Ribbed Dress
Zara Orange Ribbed Dress - $35.90 Photo credit: zara
Zara Orange Cropped Sweater
Zara Orange Cropped Sweater - $35.90 Photo credit: zara

Orange Ribbed Dress & Orange Cropped Sweater: Tell me this is not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. I pictured pairing this set with a pair of white sneakers!

Zara purple satin set
Zara Purple Satin Set - $65.80 Photo credit: zara

Purple Satin Cropped Top & Purple Satin Skirt: This outfit is so basic, but the color makes it really stand out! Since it’s so simple, I would add some bold jewelry with strappy white heels. Perfect for a summer night!


Zara Ribbed Crop Top
Zara Ribbed Crop Top - $19.90 Photo credit: zara

Ribbed Crop Top: It’s all in the details with this neutral crop top.

Zara Basic Hoodie Sweatshirt
Zara Basic Hoodie Sweatshirt - $25.90 Photo credit: zara

Basic Hoodie Sweatshirt: Even though tie-dye is huge right now, I think that this purple sweatshirt is a great elevated basic that will be able to withstand the test of time.


Zara Acetate Sunglasses
Zara Acetate Sunglasses -$49.90 Photo credit: zara

Acetate Sunglasses: I am obsessed with these because they give over major boss energy. Also, love that I could picture myself wearing these all year round.

Zara Beaded Bag
Zara Beaded Bag - $39.90 Photo credit: zara

Beaded Bag: This bag is totally out of my comfort zone, but super cute & girly!

Hope this helped!

Princess Matthew-Mba

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