“You be my offbeat, let’s make rh-rh-rh-rhythm…”

Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

Endorphins and good vibes is what new exercise spot Offbeat is all about. I sat down this week and spoke with the founder of this cycling and boxing extravaganza. The community at Offbeat prides itself on being your home away from home, a place to unwind but still get a good sweat in.

“We don’t have the traditional gym mentality,” says Mark Willey, the founder of Offbeat. “ We focus on happiness and energy, those are the results we look for.”

Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

Inclusion is a major aspect of the Offbeat experience. The space is set up to foster community, to encourage people to hang around after class, to chat with other “offbeaters.”

“We want this to be a space to take the pressure off,” says Katie Butler, studio and marketing manager. “To have the ability to create the space you need.”

Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

Offbeat wants to be an escape from the craziness of balancing work and home life, especially now when that line is so blurry. An emotionally safe space to just be yourself.

The instructors at Offbeat take that to heart, curating classes to fit their own personal style. Specialized rides happen often and can include anything from Broadway hits to Disney sing-alongs to hip hop throw downs.

Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

Another addition to the oasis-vibes Offbeat produces is where they’re situated, straight down Mockingbird by White Rock Lake. Their location may seem daunting and far away (it did to me when I pulled it up on Maps) but it’s nice to get out of the SMU bubble.

Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

Just in case you’re not sold yet, Offbeat is currently running a new member special where you can try three classes, boxing or cycling, for $33!

Make sure to follow Offbeat on Instagram for new info and announcements!

Lydia Brooks

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