The Ultimate Gift Giver’s Guide Under $150

By: Annie Werdiger

With Thanksgiving behind us it is almost time to enjoy everything that Christmas has to offer. The potential of a white Christmas, peppermint espresso beverages, vacations to ski or sunbathe and gifts from friends and family— are some of the simple pleasures that come with the holidays. However, each year it is always a struggle to come up with a suitable gift, within a reasonable budget, for each friend, relative, colleague or boyfriend. Here are some options under $150 that could be suitable for pretty much anyone. So sit back, unwind and peruse these options for your female and male gift recipients.

For the Girls

1. Diptyque Candle

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 3.59.36 PM.png
Credit: Diptyque Instagram

For the female with all of the latest beauty products and loves a long bubble bath or a glass of Whispering Angel to unwind— a scented candle. Priced at $65, this is an affordable option that is still elegant and perfect for a trendy friend, cool aunt or a sophisticated colleague. Some of the scents include; cinnamon, wood fire and pine tree, perfect scents for a cozy night at home.

2. Naked Eye Shadow Palette

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 4.48.08 PM.png
Credit: Naked Cosmetics Instagram

For your self-proclaimed makeup guru friend, constantly trying of the latest eye shadow palette a set of new shades is always a safe bet. You can keep it classic with one of their originals like the Naked2 Pallete or you could let them experiment with a new arrival, Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Pallette.

3. A Polaroid Camera

For your Instagram obsessed friend who is always begging for group photos, a Polaroid camera will enhance their “gram game” and make them love you for it.

4. A Comfy Pajama Set

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 3.07.13 PM.png
Credit: SplendidLA Instagram

Regardless of where your friends or family are jetting off to for vacation over New Years, a cozy sleepwear set will get tossed into the suitcase.

For the Guys

I find it particularly difficult to to figure out what gift could potentially get a good reaction from a dad or a boyfriend. So, I took the liberty of asking a few males what gift they would be impressed by. Here is some insight.

1. Tickets

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 3.08.54 PM.png
Credit: NY Rangers Instagram

For the dad, brother or beau that already have a closet filled with Peter Millar and Vineyard Vines. Look no further— guys are interested in going out and doing something. Tickets to an upcoming game or a concert are a great option. The seats don’t even have to be great and for a concert, general admission is totally acceptable. It is all about the experience. Surprise your dad with Rolling Stones tickets or invite the guy you like to a hockey game.

2. Art of Shaving Shaving Kit

Although I would have never come up with this on my own it is super practical for any guy. This travel size shaving kit is perfect for a carry on bag and comes in an attractive leather case. Unscented pre-shave oil, unscented shaving cream, five razor blades and a shaving brush are all included for under $100.

3. Portable Speakers

Sometimes I think the simple things are overlooked when Christmas shopping. Speakers are a great gift for anyone. You truly cant go wrong with a lightweight pair of speakers that are water resistant and have a built in microphone to accept phone calls.

Happy Shopping!

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