Self Care Chronicles:A Night In

Setting the Scene:

Take a long relaxing shower, and getting into your cutest loungewear or pajama set. I know you’re not going anywhere but resist the urge to put on old sweats. Looking nice for yourself can make you feel better too!

The Tea: The Queen’s Evening Tea

This tea, which is from Republic of Tea’s Netflix, “The Crown” collection is the perfect blend of honey and calming camomile. Without adding any sweetener, this tea is absolutely delicious and my personal fave every night before bed.

The Mask: Herbivore Prism mask

This mask, aside from being beautiful, will make your skin feel fresh and dewy as well. With fruit based AHA and will bark based BHA, the mask is super exfoliating. The aloe however, also makes the mask incredibly moisturizing. Follow with the Prism serum for added moisture.

The Candle: T&H French Lavender and Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle

This wide, three wick candle somehow makes everything smell amazing within seconds. Breathe in a few times close to the candle and feel the warmth and calm this candle is sure to bring.

The Blanket: Sleep Number weighted blanket

Though pricier, weighted blankets keep you still and melt you down into your couch or bed to provide optimal comfort. The tried-and-true sleep number blanket is my personal favorite but there are plenty of others on Amazon.

The Activity: Paint by Numbers or adult coloring books

Adult paint by numbers and adult coloring books are such an awesome way to relax and de-stress. Whether listening to music or chatting with friends, getting out of your head and focusing on something creative is an awesome outlet.

The Playlist: Lustry remixes

The slowed and reverbed versions of songs are so incredibly captivating and calming. Pro Tip: play the “songs to cry to” videos on youtube on your tv or computer with all the other lights in your room off.

Gillian Bressie

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