The Top 5 Converse Drops

Converse are all over our campus. When I first got here, I was shocked to see how many people could style converse so fashionably. When I went onto the website to explore, I realized that Converse constantly had unique collaborations on their basic sneaker. That’s when I got hooked.

These are my top five recent Converse drops.

1. Converse x Feng Chen Wang

Photo credit: Converse

The Converse x Feng Chen Wang drop was released on October 22, 2020. For this drop, Converse teamed up with Chinese designer Feng Chen Wang and incorporated her signature deconstruction style. This is at the top of my list, because I always love a good pop of orange.

2. Converse x JW Anderson

Photo credit: Converse

Though these are technically two different drops, I am a big fan of Converse’s collaborations with JW Anderson. Their drops are what I would call “playfully wearable”. I call it this because the shoes they have created are always so fun, but I am never doubting if I can pull them off in my day-to-day life.

3. Converse x FOG ESSENTIALS

Photo credit: Converse

Converse has teamed up with Fear of God a couple of times. This Converse x Fear of God drop took place on May 21,2020. These sneakers are elegant and classic. This is the perfect elevated basic!

4. Shearling Chuck 70

Photo credit: Converse

When I first saw these, I’m going to be honest, I was not a fan. Now, I love them. They remind me of a pair of Golden Goose with shearling, but these are just a lot cheaper and more colorful!

5. Converse X PLAY Comme des Garçons

Photo credit: Converse

The only reason why these are at the bottom of my top five is because I think they would be hard for me to pair on the daily. Even though I don’t know how I’d style everyday, I still think they are an amazing statement sneaker!

I hope I converted you into a Converse lover!

Princess Matthew-Mba

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