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The Skincare Edit features Glossier's best products.
The Skincare Edit features Glossier's best products. Photo credit: Glossier

For the Skincare Bestie: Glossier’s The Skincare Edit ($50)

Is your best friend’s bathroom sink/vanity filled with all sorts of creams, moisturizers, and serums? Do they send you tweets about skincare routines followed by paragraphs analyzing them? Chances are that your best friend is a Skincare Bestie. Lucky for them, Glossier has brought The Skincare Edit back for the holiday season. The Skincare Edit features Glossier’s best skincare products like their Milky Jelly Cleanser and Balm Dotcom. This gift set is great for skincare lovers who are familiar with Glossier and for those who just want to try it out. The Skincare Edit also comes with a super cute, pink headband to use when you wash your face – thank you, Glossier!

Coffee Break also comes in a 10mL travel spray.
Coffee Break also comes in a 10mL travel spray. Photo credit: Maison Margiela

For the Dreamy Bestie: Maison Margiela’s REPLICA Coffee Break Eau de Toilette ($130)

Maison Margiela’s REPLICA collection features sensational fragrances, some of which are unisex, that transport you into an alternate reality of your choice. Coffee Break is the perfect scent for your Dreamy Bestie – the one who camps out at cafés in hopes of experiencing a movie-worthy meet-cute and who needs to hear things twice before understanding them, but you know that they have a loyal heart of gold. The scent starts off with crisp top notes of orange flower and pepper before settling into a warm and sweet aura thanks to its base notes of vanilla, cedar wood and vetiver. Coffee Break isn’t just a fragrance; it’s a dream filled with sweet pastries, hushed conversations, strong coffee, and promises of love at the local café.

The air freshener also comes in different versions of Styles.
The air freshener also comes in different versions of Styles. Photo credit: Etsy

For the Boy-Crazy Bestie: Harry Styles Air Freshener ($5.95)

Your Boy-Crazy Bestie understands that men are the worst 99% of the time, but that 1% is just too good to let go. Help them bring one of the guys running through their mind to life with this Harry Styles Air Freshener. This freshener is a double-sided photo from Styles’ Fine Line album, (yes, long pants and pink shirt Harry!). It comes in a fresh strawberry scent that will make your best friend’s car smell like strawberries on a summer evening. Order this one quick – the fresheners are running out as I type!

Some of the best cookies ever made.
Now imagine 12 of these. Photo credit: Levain Bakery

For the Foodie Bestie: Levain Bakery’s Signature Cookie Assortment ($68 for 12)

Nothing sparks nostalgia like a soft, warm chocolate chip cookie, especially a gourmet one. New York City’s Levain Bakery is famous for its melt-in-your-mouth cookies, drawing praises from celebrities like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively. Lucky for your Foodie Bestie, you can indulge their culinary tastes by giving them Levain Bakery’s Signature Cookie Assortment. The assortment features the bakery’s classic Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies alongside Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin. You can give them the biggest assortment which comes with a dozen cookies for $68, other options include an 8-pack for $49 or a 4-pack for $27. Who can turn down a wonderfully made cookie?

I would cry if someone sent me a message via Lovebox.
I would cry if someone sent me a message via Lovebox. Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

For the Sentimental Bestie: Lovebox Messenger from Urban Outfitters ($100)

The Lovebox Messenger brings the sentiment of a heartfelt letter into the digital age. Whenever you want to send a quick note to your bestie, all you have to do is send a message via the included app and the heart on the box will begin to spin, letting your best friend know that there’s a message for them. They can then respond with a bunch of hearts! This is perfect for the bestie who gets you the most thoughtful gifts and always reminds you of how much they love you and your friendship.

The Glitter Lip Kit in Vamp.
The Glitter Lip Kit in Vamp. Photo credit: Stay Golden Cosmetics

For the MUA Bestie: Stay Golden Cosmetics’ Glitter Lip Kit ($20)

Glitter lip products are tough to come by, let alone ones that are long-lasting and iridescent. This makes Stay Golden Cosmetics’ Glitter Lip Kit a holy grail for all makeup fanatics. Coming in a number of shades and shines, the Kit includes a lip liner, gloss bond, applicator and glitter along with instructions on how to maximize the glitter in your pout. With this Kit, your MUA Bestie will elevate their makeup game to the next level. *Note: if your friend pronounces MUA as “muah,” they probably not the right person for this gift.

Spotify > Apple Music.
Spotify > Apple Music. Photo credit: Etsy

For the Musical Bestie: Personalized Acrylic Song/Album Plaque on Glass ($23.99)

Whenever you need to change up your playlists, you always turn to your Musical Bestie, who somehow knows the best songs to recommend. Your Musical Bestie is always listening to some song and when they are not, they are talking your ear off about a newly released song or album. A personalized acrylic plaque can help memorialize their all-time favorite tune or the artist they claim to have discovered before everyone else. The plaques, which are sold on Etsy, are completely customizable and the renderings are incredibly gorgeous. They are done in the style of Spotify, so make sure that your bestie is a Spotify listener. If they’re not, well – this is their sign to switch over to the right side of music streaming.

A cultural piece from an Ariana Grande song.
A cultural piece from an Ariana Grande song. Photo credit: Honeymoon & Co.

For the Pop Culture Bestie: Honeymoon & Co.’s Take Care Crewneck ($48)

Your Pop Culture Bestie always has their finger on the pulse of what’s hot and brewing. What’s happening in Hollywood? With the Royal Family? On TikTok? Your Pop Culture Bestie has all of these answers along with a thorough analysis that they probably post on a private story or pretend YouTube channel (i.e., your FaceTime conversation). Knowing that they are well-versed in the world of the stars, your Pop Culture Bestie will appreciate Honeymoon & Co.’s Take Care Crewneck. This crewneck embodies everything trendy from its oversize, comfy fit to its pastel lilac color and feel-good message. Ariana Grande also is a fan of the crewneck – when she wore it on Instagram in May it sold out in minutes. Grab one for your best friend before they sell out again!

Minimalist packaging for all!
Minimalist packaging for all! Photo credit: Boy Smells

For the Caring Bestie: Boy Smells’ REDWOODROSE BUNDLE ($87)

Boy Smells make some of the best candles on the market today complete with sleek packaging and long-lasting scents. Their REDWOODROSE BUNDLE features their famous ST. AL, CINDEROSE, and REDHEAD scents. All three scents are rich and cozy, which makes them a delectable trifecta for the holiday season. This bundle is the perfect gift for your best friend who gives the best advice and has the most calming aura – AKA your Caring Bestie. These candles will help your Caring Bestie bring their peaceful aura to their home by evoking the feeling of a warm, heartfelt hug.

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