Seasons of Limbo

Next week, on March 26, SMU’s own Jonathan Hodges, 24, is releasing his album Seasons of Limbo. With his previous three solo albums under his belt, it’s evident that Hodges, who performs and records as Bomethius, is a force to be reckoned within the ever-growing music industry. With many singing his praises, one may conclude he has found his place in the dense field of music. I personally am looking froward to seeing what Hodges brings to the table with Seasons of Limbo.

First, I want to supply the answer to the question you may be asking– why Bomethius? In his interview with Quadio Media, Hodges explains that he has his mom to thank for this childhood nickname turned alias. He says, “Growing up I was classically educated, and somewhere along the way she just started calling me Bomethius. It’s not a real thing, like, there isn’t anybody named “Bomethius” in Greek mythology; it’s a mixture of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods, and Boethius, who was a Middle Ages philosopher who wrote “The Consolation of Philosophy.” You put them together and you get my nickname. And really, it is just my childhood nickname. Some people kinda get turned off by it, like I tried to think up the most pretentious name possible, but it’s really nothing like that.”

In the Press Release for his upcoming record, it expresses Bomethius’ goal of “turning a new leaf” and the importance of sharing life, loss and the value of hope.

Seasons of Limbo Album Cover Art
Seasons of Limbo Album Cover Art Photo credit: Bomethius

So you may be asking, why should I be listening to Bomethius? Well, for one, you should support a fellow Mustang! But more importantly, as college students, we are in one of the most vital seasons of our lives. Between the incessant school work and the uncertainties of our futures, it’s important to keep the promise of tomorrow in mind. It’s essential to remember that it’s not a promise that can always be kept. That you should always live everyday to the fullest. This is exactly what inspired Hodges for his fourth solo album, Seasons of Limbo. According to CultureHype, one day Jonathan Hodges got cut off while driving down Highway 75. Everyone began to slam on their brakes. Soon after, he realized there had been a horrific incident where at least one passenger had died. This experience served as the inspiration for his single, “Traffic” which was released on February 26 and found a spot in the upcoming album.

SS of Traffic
SS of Traffic Photo credit: Maddie Crisp

Hodges shares, “Seasons of Limbo is a record that seeks to bring hope to people, but to be honest I wrote it to bring hope to myself… I endeavored to write sincere songs that made me feel better; that ministered to my hurts and anxieties…” His hope for the record is that he can inspire the listeners to get the “big picture” in mind, to love one another, to always be grateful for what you’ve got, and remember to laugh!

Evidently, Jonathan Hodges embodies the “World Changers Shaped Here” mentality that SMU strives to instill in each and everyone of us. He is carving out his own path to success and that is something to be proud of.

Get ready to press play on this lyrical masterpiece!

Seasons of Limbo will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp on March 26. Learn more about Bomethius here!

Maddie Crisp

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