Student Spotlight: Ella Mills

By Shae Walker

Walking across campus one can not help but notice an array of stylish students with a wide range of aesthetics. While the style of SMU students may be diverse, the admiration of freshman Ella Mills fashion choices is seemingly universal. Mills is originally from Beverly, Massachusetts, and is currently a freshman studying finance. I got the chance to talk to Ella and gain insight into the inspiration behind her enviable looks.

Image Courtesy of Ella Mills

SW: Describe your style in 3 words:

EM: “Classic, California casual, and edgy.”

SW: Where do you primarily shop?

EM: “NAKD, 4th and Reckless, Donni, Aritzia, Depop/consignment and Reformation.”

SW: If you could raid one person’s closet who would it be?

EM: “Martine Akersveen.”

Image Courtesy of @martineakersveen Instagram

SW: Where/ who do you draw inspiration from?

EM: “My mom, Pinterest, and whenever I travel I like to pull inspiration from the culture I’m in.”

SW: If you could only wear one piece for the rest of your life what would it be?

EM: I love my gold hoops. They just make me feel so put together.”

SW: What are your beauty essentials?

EM: “Skin tint, mascara and retinol.”

Image Courtesy of Ella Mills

SW: What are your go-to spots in Dallas?

EM: “I don’t have too many right now since everything is still so new to me, but I love ChopShop, il Bracco, Bowen House, Uchi, and pretty much anywhere with good vodka pasta.”

SW: Favorite look you’ve ever worn:

EM: “I have so many different favorites depending on my mood or the occasion.”

Image Courtesy of Ella Mills



Shae Walker

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