As my motivation for school has been severely waning, I’ve found that I need to listen to something to focus and be more productive.

Podcasts have been a great way for me to motivate myself to get on my computer and get work done or feel less bored while I do laundry.

I’ve been a big fan of some podcasts for years and have recently discovered new ones that are now in my weekly rotation. If you’re looking for some new podcasts and don’t know where to start, take a look at some of these awesome recs from the Look staff!

1. Even The Rich

Category: Society & Culture, Comedy

Recommended by: Mary-Wesley Maddox, Editor-in-Cheif

“The hosts are super entertaining and I love learning the backstories of powerful people! They tell the stories in a very interesting way, so it’s fun to listen to!”

2. Crime Junkie

Category: True Crime

Recommended by: Camille Enes, Video Director

“I’m a big true crime podcast girl, and I love how these podcasts keep me aware and tell a story.”

3. We Bought a House with Claudia Sulewski and Finneas

Category: Society & Culture, Comedy

Recommended by: Olivia Porsch, Art Team

“It’s so hilarious, relatable and timely, and listening to Finneas (Billie Eilish’s older brother!) and his girlfriend Claudia feels like talking with close friends!”

4. Sibling Revelry

Category: Society & Culture, Comedy, Parenting

Recommended by: Angelina Choucair, Event Team

“Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson are the hosts!”

5. Call Her Daddy

Category: Relationships, Comedy, Sex

Recommended by: Gillian Bressie, Digital Writer

I think a lot of the time women learn and talk about sex in the context of what men want. I think that’s super misogynistic and I like that Alex advocates for women exploring their own sexuality.”

6. Just B with Bethenny Frankel

Category: Business, Society & Culture

Recommended by: Bennet Hill, Marketing Team

“As a housewives fan I love Bethenny and she is a great business woman. She has different guests each week and they talk about everything from business, to lifestyle, and more!”

7. The Daily

Category: News, Current Events

Recommended by: Maria Ryan, Digital Director

I love The Daily because I am typically not one to ever be interested in reading the news (really bad, I know) but this podcast makes me feel informed and entertained at the same time. Plus, they release an episode everyday so I always have something to listen and look forward to in the morning.

Some of my favorite honorable mentions: Girls Gotta Eat, My Favorite Murder, Heavyweights, Absolutely Not with Heather McMahan, U Up? and Last Podcast on the Left.

Maria Ryan

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