The Scoop on Laser Hair Removal

With the weather warming up and bikini season just around the corner, I wanted to talk about the best decision I have ever made in my entire life – Laser hair removal.

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Laser hair removal is a treatment that reduces the growth of body hair by 85-95% in unwanted areas using a light-emitting laser machine. It has been around commercially since 1995 and has become an essential treatment for women who are too busy to deal with normal shaving or waxing techniques. This treatment has come a long way since the 1990s and the machines now are faster, more efficient, and less painful than ever.

If you know me personally, I have probably raved to you about how great laser hair removal is. It is seriously the best thing ever not having to shave or worry about cutting yourself with a razor/getting razor burn/having to get a wax every two weeks.

The question everyone always has for me is: Is it painful? The bottom line is it is not a good feeling but it is also not unbearable. Pain levels vary depending on the area, for example, the back of your legs is pretty painless compared to the bony knee area. Most laser hair removal places will offer a numbing cream before your appointment but to be honest I don’t find that I need it. It also gets less painful after every session as your hair amount and thickness decrease. Pain levels differ from person to person and depend on your pain tolerance. To me it is not that bad but to my sisters, it is pretty painful (which they endure gladly for the amazing results).

This treatment takes around 6-8 sessions to complete depending on everything from your hormones, hair color, thickness, etc. I saw results about 2 weeks after the first time I went (my hair stopped growing in patches and by the third session it was not growing back at all). Each treatment takes place about a month apart so it is easy to fit an appointment into your schedule.

The results are relatively permanent with the possibility of needing a few touch-ups as hair growth is hormonal so things like pregnancy or a heavy period may trigger some growth. I like to get touch-ups every couple of months and I find that this has worked perfectly for me.

I have tried a couple of different laser hair removal specialists in the Dallas area and my top pick is Elena at Noor Laser Med Spa. She is an expert at making her clients feel comfortable and cared for and everyone who I have recommended her to has left raving about how amazing she is. Tell her I sent you and she will take extra good care of you!

Here are some pro tips:

  • Don’t set an appointment on your period, your hormones will make everything feel more painful.
  • Don’t expose yourself to heavy sunlight beforehand, the laser could burn you!
  • Shave the day before to give your skin some time to rest before the treatment
  • Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see results right away, everyone is different but they will come eventually!
  • Finding a specialist that you feel comfortable around is KEY.
Fernanda Gonzalez

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