What You Wore: First Boulevard

The Mustangs are officially off to the races with their first win of the season! In the past, here at Look, we’ve highlighted what our staff wears on the boulevard, along with many other events, with our series called “What We Wore.” This year, we’re switching gears to include some of YOU! From cowboy boots to wedges– here’s some of my favorite looks that came across my instagram feed.

1. Lilly Yager

Photo credit: Maddie Crisp

2. Celeste Ansari, Caroline Ivankovich, Brooklyn Dean, Paige Ramel and Desiree Briceño

Photo credit: Paige Ramel

3. Vera Celaj

Photo credit: Vera Celaj

4. Emerson Judson, Skylar Graff, Clara Lynch and Delaney Phillips

Photo credit: Skylar Graff

5. Molly Cassady and Jessie DeGroff

Photo credit: Molly Cassady

6. Margo Belden and Vale Prida

Photo credit: Margo Belden

Keep dressing to impress and maybe you’ll be on the next What You Wore!!

Maddie Crisp

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