The History of the French Manicure

The classic French manicure may remind you of your grandma, but we are seeing a fresh take in 2021. We have come a long way from the classic white and pink manicure. Today you can see people rocking a bright red tip, wavy design or something completely original.

It all started in 1975 when Jeff Pink, CEO of Orly International, created the look for movie studios. Pink complained that changing the actress’ nails between outfits took too long. He came up with the classic look and began to sell the white and pink polish in a kit called The Natural Look Nail Kit. Pink then took the look to Paris for fashion week and when he came back to the states he began calling it the French Manicure. The look did not become widely popular until Cher and Barabra Streisand wore the look on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. After a few years, Pink’s kits became widely popular.

Today we see a fresh take on this look everywhere.

Kylie Jenner adds a checkered pattern to her tips. (insta)

Photo credit: @kyliejenner

Gigi Hadid went all out with color for her birthday nails. (insta)

Photo credit: @gigihadid

Dua Lipa adds to the classic white tipped look.

Photo credit: @nailsbymh

After months away from the salon, this trend is the perfect way to ease back into nail art. The design becomes less overwhelming when only part of the nail is covered. You can mix it up by making only a few nails French tip or keep it classic with pink and white. With all the different customizations, this trend is for everyone.

Lucy Ladis

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