The Comeback of Tweed- A Full Circle Moment

Famously first introduced by Chanel in 1925, the tweed skirt and jacket set became known as a classic look for women. When designing these tweed pieces, Gabrielle Chanel, or more famously known as Coco Chanel, wanted to let women feel comfortable “and still emphasize femininity.” This transition from corsets to feminine suits sparked a fashion revolution as women’s clothing began imitating the ease of menswear. Today, we have Chanel to thank for inspiring twentieth-century designers to add their own twist on the tweed pieces, which you won’t just find in your grandmother’s closet!

Chanel In The 1900s
Chanel In The 1900s Photo credit: Chanel

This season, tweed has been done by some of everyone’s favorite designers, such as Love Shack Fancy, Saint Laurent, Veronica Beard, and Alice and Olivia. Here are some of our favorite looks!

Love Shack Fancy Tweed Set
Love Shack Fancy Tweed Set

LOVE SHACK FANCY- Gibson Houndstooth Wool Mini Skirt, Mews Cropped Jacket

Saint Laurent Dress
Saint Laurent Dress Photo credit: Netaporter

SAINT LAURENT- Strapless Wool Bouclé-Tweed Mini Dress

VERONICA BEARD- Brim Tweed Jacket

Alice and Olivia Set
Alice and Olivia Set Photo credit: Alice and Olivia
Chanel In The 1900s
Chanel In The 1900s Photo credit: Chanel

ALICE AND OLIVIA- Chain-Link Trim Cropped Jacket, Coralie Frayed Crop Top, Elana Chain Detail Cotton Blend Tweed Skirt

These fabulous looks are timeless pieces that are such a great addition to your wardrobe. While the twentieth-century take on tweed is fun and chic, they still contain many of the typical tweed elements of the original Chanel look, including tightly woven fabrics, interlacing colors, perfect detailing and buttons with intricate designs.

Chanel Tweed Set
Chanel Tweed Set Photo credit: Chanel

Just as history repeats itself, so does fashion. The tweed suits are a symbol of how far women have come as this outfit dates all the way from the early 1900s when women were limited to wearing long dresses with cinched waists. As today’s world of trends is bringing back the origins of women’s fashion, it is a full-circle moment as we are paying homage to the woman who started it all!

Lindsay Rorschach

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