A Look Inside Hermés Beauty’s Spring-Summer 2022 Launch

Incorporates vision of the campaign
Incorporates vision of the campaign Photo credit: Pinterest

“For this new spring-summer 2022 edition of Rouge Hermès, three shades inspired by an artist’s garden celebrate the harmony between the sky, the sun, and the shimmering water of an early spring morning. From white water lilies to foliage arches, lotus flowers to hydrangeas, three colour vibrations depict a fresh and exuberant magical vibrancy, a graphic fantasy modelled by light.” (Hermès press release, 2022)

Hermès beauty: widely known for producing the most luxurious lipsticks on the market, is proud to announce their newest release for the upcoming Spring-Summer season. Melding together elements of brightness and sophistication, Hermès beauty’s limited-edition lipstick trio ushers users into embracing warmer color patterns for the forthcoming season.

Incorporates vision of campaign
Incorporates vision of campaign Photo credit: Pinterest

The Vision

Set to launch on February 1st, 2022, the newest trio to enter the world of Rouge Hermès embodies the vision of an artist’s garden in full bloom. The shades effortlessly encapsulate the harmony of plump, vibrant florals adding pops of color against green foliage. Dewdrops reflect the rays of the sunrise underneath a picturesque blue sky. This vision translates into each of the three colors designed by Pierre Hardy, creator of Hermès Beauty and director of shoes and jewelry:

  • Rose Nymphéa: like a sultry pink sky reflected on the water’s surface, soft yet deep.
Lipstick from Hermès press release
Lipstick from Hermès press release Photo credit: Hermès
  • Orange Capucine: a bright, sunny touch, the resplendent impression of joy.
Lipstick from Hermès press release
Lipstick from Hermès press release Photo credit: Hermès
  • Beige d’Eau: a pinky shimmer, a whisper of flesh, the sweetness of a delicately pressed almond blossom.
Lipstick from Hermès press release
Lipstick from Hermès press release

(shade descriptions courtesy of Hermès)

The Product

Hermès Lip Stick Trio
Hermès Lip Stick Trio Photo credit: Hermès

The vision continues beyond the color and throughout the packaging of the product. Each box is embossed with vibrant waterlilies, hydrangeas, lotus flowers, transporting the user into the scene of an extravagant springtime soirée. The color block design of the applicator is standard of Hermès lipsticks. Yet, this palette embodies the liveliness of spring, playful contrast to the deep hues of winter.

Sky blue and blood orange paint the vision of a sunny day. Shades of sage and lime green highlight life and an abundance of foliage. Fuscia and violet harmonize into the patterns of luscious florals found on a fresh, spring morning. The brightness of the color-blocked design juxtaposes the soft, delicateness of the lipstick shades, catching the user’s eye as a pocket-sized piece of art.

Each lipstick from the world of Rouge Hermès is designed to feel like luxury on your lips. Think of it as an expensive accessory to elevate your makeup look and add the perfect finishing touch. Each lipstick’s formula is lightweight enough for everyday use yet rich enough to pack a punch of color. The newest trio of shades provides a glossy, transparent finish that is satin-like to the touch. Made with Christine Nagel’s signature scent, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by elements of sandalwood, arnica, and candied angelica woven in through the product’s formula.

Mood of the campaign
Mood of the campaign Photo credit: Pinterest

The lipstick’s perfect blend of classic sophistication and modernistic ties, makes this lipstick a statement you cannot go wrong with wearing this upcoming season. Hermès has exceeded at creating yet another object to be desired within the fashion and beauty market.

Ivy Nielsen

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