With a semester full of formals and dates dashes approaching, everyone wants to have the prettiest look and feel the most confident. It can be so overwhelming to think about the perfect look, makeup and especially hair that you want to do for the big day. This guide has some easy and beautiful hairstyles for all types of hair that would be gorgeous for any formal occasion.

Rosie HW
Rosie HW Photo credit: Nikki Makeup

The classic straightened hairstyle would not only be perfect for an everyday look, but it is elevated when you are dressed up for a fun night out!

Fresh Blowout
Fresh Blowout Photo credit: Pinterest

As the 90’s blowout look has made its reappearance, this is such a go-to. Best part is that you will feel so trendy! It makes your hair so voluminous and adds fun curls to the ends.

High Ponytail
High Ponytail Photo credit: Pinterest

A flawless high ponytail is an updo that matches perfectly with any high neck dress or top and can be rocked at anytime. Another elegant way of doing this is using another piece of hair to wrap around the hair tie. This is such a seamless look.

Loose Curls
Loose Curls Photo credit: Pinterest

A true hairstyle staple is loose curls. This feminine, girly style is so traditional and beautiful.

Slicked Back Bun
Slicked Back Bun Photo credit: Pinterest

So easy, but so chic! A slicked back bun, looks so put together and classic.

Happy styling!

Lindsay Rorschach

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