Are Short Manicures the Trend?

Everywhere I look on campus I see girls with short manicures.

I have been getting my nails done with my mom since I was a little girl and I have always gravitated towards long nails. Long nails have always been the trend for me and my friends because they allow us to have fun designs. However, as I look for nail inspiration from my peers I notice a lot of them have skipped the extra length.

This prompted me to wonder, are short manicures the current trend?

“Recently I’ve been getting back to short nails.” Junior Ashlyn Wingett said. “I think they’re more flexible for the summer weather because you’re doing more active things, whereas long nails you can’t do as much with.”

“I prefer short nails. I don’t have trouble picking things up or they don’t get in the way,” Junior Ruth Anne Emerson said.

Whether short nails are your preference or a trend you want to try, here is some inspo for your next nail appointment.

Go Classic

Photo credit: unsplash

Photo credit: unsplash

Photo credit: unsplash

Pinks, french and reds will never go out of style.

Add Some Bling

Photo credit: unsplash

Be Abstract

Photo credit: unsplash

Lucy Ladis

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