How to Cope With Homesickness

By Meighan Ashford

It’s never easy having to say goodbye to the ones we love and cherish the most, especially when we have to go a great distance from them. But there are ways to make it easier and make the pain just a little less. Take a look at some methods that help deal with homesickness and coping with the feeling of sorrow when it comes to missing family and loved ones. 

  1. Reach out: Just because you may be starting out this new adventure or just happening to get back into the groove of things, that does not mean that you’re not allowed to call every now and then. I am not afraid to admit that I talk to family at least every day, even if it is by facetime, call, or text. You are never too old to reach out to the ones that mean the most to you, especially family. 
  2. Get Out: I know that with all the craziness that goes on with the semester just starting, it can get quite overwhelming and feel as though we can’t handle or deal with things properly. When that old sense of familiarity starts to flare up, we start missing out on our usual routines and the ones who we do them with. Get some fresh air. Simply just go outside and walk around for a few to clear your mind and ease the frustration. 
  3. Say Hi: I feel as though most take it for granted, especially when you’re in a brand new environment. It’s perfectly ok to miss home and want that sense of what we know, but in order to grow, we must take a risk. Sometimes that starts with one simple ‘hello’. Cheesy, yes, but works wonders if I may say myself. 
  4. Add Certain Things: Take or buy things that remind you of that sense of ‘home’ that you’re craving and missing so much. Bring that blanket that you’ve had since you were little, go buy that air freshener that your mom always had plugged up in and do whatever you feel brings that connection to where you are. You may not be at home, but you sure can bring home to you. 
Meighan Ashford

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