Art After Dark Review

Museum Magnificence

By Meighan Ashford

If there was one thing that brought the students of SMU together, Art After Dark sure did make an impact one could never forget. Take a look down below at all the stunning affairs that were hosted at the oh-so-spectacular Meadows Museum. 

From delectable dishes including churros to berries and sweets, the students just couldn’t quite get enough. Including but not limited to activities such as a Make Your Own Perfume Bar, Stamp Your Own Bags, Virtual Vacation, Art Heist, and as well as an Inflatable Sculpture. They truly did not disappoint, leaving everyone quite amazed, including me. 

With an outreach of people lining up for the Make Your Own Perfume Bar, hesitant but nonetheless excited for something new, most of the others were in a dire rush to have created their dream vacation with Virtual Vacation as they imagine and let their minds go wild. 

Stamp Your Own Bags had pretty much any and everyone willing to create something just for the fun of it, reminding them of those carefree preschool days of coloring outside the lines. Something I think we all could use especially with the midterms making their way towards us. The Art Heist and Inflatable Sculpture let people just relax and express their creativity in the museum. Meadows allowed students the opportunity to not worry about being quiet but gave them the chance to be kids, reminding many people of their younger days when they could just relax. Something that college students are truly in dire need of every once in a while. 

From the awe-striking sculptures to jaw-dropping paintings, Art After Dark brought culture and excitement to the students, allowing for one amazing care-free night.

As always, with love and appreciation, Meighan Ashford

Meighan Ashford

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