Tyler Talks Fashion: Are European Influencers Ahead of the Trends?

By Tyler Martin

Like many other fashion-obsessed individuals living in the U.S., I am in awe of the bronzed beauties in Europe who seem to have the most incredible eye for fashion. There is something to be said that nearly every major luxury brand has originated in Europe. European high-fashion brands have established an aura of prestige, likely explaining why many of us automatically gravitate towards them. From my perspective, European influencers are blessed with access to such a wide range of options— from the well-known luxury ateliers to the smallest, niche boutiques. And let’s not forget about the enviable selection of vintage seen throughout Europe. With this in mind, it’s no wonder European influencers have developed such exquisite fashion tastes.

As much as I appreciate the Sofia Richie and Hailey Bieber’s of the world, I believe we often overlook the Europeans who predict many of our current trends worldwide. In my opinion, there’s something more relatable about shopping trends from everyday people, as it feels more authentic in comparison to celebrities in the U.S. who rely on stylists to showcase their style to their massive platforms.

There is one influencer in particular whom I discovered on my TikTok “For You” page, and she perfectly embodies that European edge that we all desire. She truly has her eye on the ball when it comes to spotting trends before they hit the U.S., and I have grown to adore her personal style.

This influencer would be none other than Alice Marzocco from Monaco. With over 1.3 million likes on TikTok and 83.2k combined followers across social platforms, Marzocco is the ideal fashion influencer to follow. It takes nothing more than a quick scroll through her feed to know exactly what’s cool right now: butter yellow, kitten heels, oval sunglasses, and gorgeous high-end knitwear, just to name a few. I got the chance to ask Alice a few questions allowing me to gain insight into her personal style.

TM: Where do you pull your inspiration? Do you have any favorite influencers or fashion icons you are inspired by?

AM: “My biggest inspiration has always been my mom. She’s the best dressed woman I know! I always ask her for fashion advice. I love Kendall Jenner’s style, it’s very simple but yet very chic. I also love Livia Nunes, she’s a Brazilian influencer, she’s so beautiful and isn’t afraid to try new styles.”

TM: What do you love about social media and influencing?

AM: “I love sharing my outfits with people and getting different ideas from fashion influencers.”

TM: What is your current favorite trend? Do you have an all-time favorite designer?

AM: “Baggy jeans, actually everything baggy, shirts/sweaters! My all time favorite designer has to be Karl Lagerfeld. He is an icon.”

I think there is so much we can learn from influencers when it comes to staying on top of trends and helping us develop our own personal style. Even someone with as impeccable of taste as Alice seeks inspiration from somewhere. And when you live in a destination like Europe, there is bound to be inspiration everywhere, which I must admit, I will always envy.

Here in Dallas, thanks to social media, we have the opportunity to pull inspiration from fashion influencers from all around the world. So next time you are curious about what’s next in the fashion world, consider looking towards one of the European girls, as they often seem to know before we do. As always, stay true to your individuality, but let the European influencers serve as a fun addition to your own personal style journey.

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All photos courtesy of Alice Marzocco

Tyler Martin

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