Tyler Talks Fashion: The Elevating Essential 

By Tyler Martin

Chic eyewear possesses an undeniable allure – a small accessory with the power to elevate any look. Admittedly, in my elementary school years, I pretended to fail a vision test, despite having 20/20 vision, all so I could wear a stylish pair of glasses on a daily basis. My plan didn’t work, but thankfully, sunglasses have become such an everyday staple in fashion, allowing everyone to partake in the fun of elevating their style with the perfect shades.

I think we often associate sunglasses with summer, which makes perfect sense. However, in sunny Dallas, there’s really no wrong time to sport sunglasses. In my opinion, sunglasses are just as important of an accessory as our favorite jewelry pieces, a classic belt or an everyday handbag.

Whether you want your sunglasses to add a pop of color, flaunt a brand name, or seamlessly blend into your day-to-day attire, there’s something for everyone. I’ve rounded up my picks for the most coveted sunglasses to carry you through the Fall/Winter season:

The Affordable Option

Le Specs are a great budget-friendly option, offering a variety of different frames. I personally adore the “Outta Love” sunglasses, which have received Bella Hadid’s stamp of approval. These feature a fun oval shape that is sure to complement any look. I love the subtly placed logo and tonal coloring, which allow them to be incredibly versatile. These are a necessary add-to-cart next time you place an order on Amazon.

Le Specs, Outta Love Sunglasses, $63.90

The Everyday

I think we all crave that pair of sunglasses that require no second thought. They’re the pair that live in our car or backpack and always rise to the occasion, no matter when we reach for them. If you’re looking for this type of essential, I think a black, square shape is the foolproof choice. As you transition your wardrobe for autumn, a dramatic scarf and these effortless everyday specs will become your go-to accessory helping you achieve a sophisticated and polished look, with minimal effort.

Saint Laurent, SL 276 MICA, $420

The Collab

Khaite is probably my favorite brand at the moment, so it goes without saying that I was thrilled when I discovered their collaboration with the eyewear icon, Oliver Peoples. This collaboration features a range of classic and neutral styles, with my personal favorite being the pale yellow, translucent shades. Pale, butter yellow is definitely the color of the season, so sporting these shades will keep you on par with the latest trends.

Oliver Peoples x Khaite, Cat-Eye Acetate and Silver-Tone Sunglasses, $525

The Splurge

Sometimes we want to be flashy and wearing a bold pair of sunglasses is the perfect way to do so. The overall SMU Look staff consensus is that Celine makes the most coveted luxury sunglasses. So next time you are in the mood to treat yourself, take a walk to the Celine store in Highland Park Village to explore their exquisite collection of sunnies that are well-worth the investment. 

Celine, Triomphe 01 Sunglasses in Acetate, $510

The Winter Sport Fanatic

As we eagerly await the upcoming ski season, it is essential not to overlook the importance of protecting your eyes while on the slopes. And just because goggles are designed for protective purposes, doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style. With the number of goggles on the market, it can be hard to choose just one, but should you decide to go big or go home, go for Chanel. Equipped with a white leather strap and blue mirrored lenses, these goggles are sure to be the biggest stunner of the season.

Chanel, Shield Sunglasses, $1,400

Yes, sunglasses can be pricey, but you definitely do not need to spend over $500 to achieve a fashionable look. That said, I think splurging on a timeless pair of glasses can be a worthwhile investment for seasons to come. As always, don’t forget to let your unique style and personality shine through when purchasing your next pair of sunnies.

Cover artwork by Staff Member Athena Mamatas featuring Staff Member Clementine Marcogliese

Tyler Martin

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