Tyler Talks Fashion: Catch up With SMU Look’s Most Fashionable Alum

By Tyler Martin

If you’re familiar with SMU, chances are you’ve come across the name Alexa Field. If you never met her on campus, it is highly likely that one of her aesthetically pleasing vlogs has popped up on your TikTok ‘For You’ page. It felt incredibly surreal to be able to interview Alexa, as she was my initial introduction to SMU Look. Without her engaging videos, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article. During our chat, Alexa shared a look into her post-graduation life in Dallas, offered fashion advice, and took a me on a journey through her memorable time at SMU:

T: What was your time like at SMU and what was it like being a SMU Look staff member?

A: “Overall, it could not have been better. It was the best time. I never thought I would end up at SMU and mainly applied to schools in California. My parents actually suggested I check out Dallas. Hesitantly, I visited the campus and truly fell in love. I think the reason I enjoyed my experience so much is because I got really involved on campus pretty early on. I joined the Look staff my freshman year, and it quickly became my pride and joy. Through SMU Look, I met so many great people and had the opportunity to organize unique events. I learned so much about myself and find myself using skills from Look in my everyday work life. My time at SMU was the best four years, and it really flew by. I look back on my experience so fondly.”

T: Who is your ultimate fashion inspiration?

A: “In terms of specific people, I love European creators from Sweden and Denmark who embody that very chill and classic look (such as Matilda Djerf). Although, I mostly use Pinterest to help me sift through pieces and discover different looks. I studied Fashion Media at SMU, where I developed my love of using magazines and other professional outlets to find the latest trends. Overall, I attribute my fashion inspiration to a combination of the people I follow on social media and those I see out and about everyday.”

T: How have you developed your personal style?

A: “I think that recently I’ve made a big style transition. In college I loved a good trend and would always fall victim to them. Now I’m in a position where I want to invest in good staple pieces that will last. I want use my money wisely, so I’ve started investing in quality pants, blazers, and knitwear. I would say I try to go for a timeless aesthetic. I am also more conscious of my environmental impact and try to shop as sustainably as I can. In doing so, I’ve become a big fan of Reformationand Stella McCartney. Professor Jenny Davis’ class really opened my eyes to consumerism, so I always keep her in the back of my mind when I catch myself shopping in excess.”

T: Do you ever feel trapped living in Dallas compared to major fashion cities like New York or LA?

A: “Not at all! Hundreds of people move to Dallas everyday; its such an up-and-coming city. I genuinely believe that there is so much opportunity here. For example, working in social media, I’m constantly surprised by the number of invites I recieve for brand events hosted in Dallas. I think brands are working extra hard to target the growing demographic here and I think Dallas will continue to make its mark in the industry.”

T:  Where are your favorite restaurants and places to hang out in Dallas?

A: “I think my favorite place has to be Foxtrot Market. I like to get work done there, and it was also my go-to spot in college. I love visiting the Farmer’s Market on the weekend, especially during the fall to see the changes in decor. Of course, I love Highland Park Village for window shopping (emphasis on the window) and a meal at Honor Bar.” 

T: Congratulations on your new position at the LTK Headquarters! What aspects of your application do you think helped you stand out in the interview process?

A: “My boss, who interviewed me, says that my experience in social media (the other side of what LTK does) gave me an upper hand. I am able to facilitate collaborations as an influencer and I also have a good idea of how LTK can make the experience better for their creators. I have been using LTK for over a year, so choosing to apply there was very intentional. I think college graduates tend to scramble to find a job simply for money, which is totally valid, but I also tried to prioritize finding a job that meant something to me. My biggest tip is to find a job that resonates with your interests. In my experience, it took away the intimidation of starting my first job post graduation, and replaced it with excitement.”

T: How do you play around with your style in your new work environment? Do you have freedom to express your personal style everyday in the office?

A: “Oh my gosh, working at LTK is like Fashion Week! People really show up and show out, there are always so many amazing outfits in the office. People really play around with their style, and LTK gives its employees a lot of creative freedom. Amber Venz Box, the app founder and president of LTK, has the coolest style ever. So you always want to look good just in case she is at the Dallas headquarters.”

T: Do you have any future career goals?

A: “My long-term goal has always been to work in social media. I love that it allows you to create a career centered around posting about the things you love. I also love the flexible schedule. Working at LTK, while also doing social media is a lot for sure, but I can’t complain; I really feel like I’m living the best of both worlds. To be successful in social media, you have to post multiple times a day. Finding the balance can be tricky, but I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way recently.”

Tyler Martin

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