SMU Influencer Sophie McGuire Launches Boot Collab With Miron Crosby

By Sophia Pardo

SMU student Sophie McGuire has created a custom boot, appropriately called The Sophie, with Miron Crosby. This new collaboration is currently available at the Houston and Highland Park store locations. The rodeo-ready boots retail for $1,895 and come in a variety of colors. The design pays homage to the Texas spirit and comes in three different colorways: olive and pink, midnight and light blue, and light blue with platinum detailing. Luxury boot brand Miron Crosby specializes in handcrafted limited edition boots. It was founded in 2017 by two local sisters, Lizzie Means Duplantis, and Sarah Means. The brand has since expanded into Huston, Aspen, Palm Beach and has been featured in notable publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Sophie began her influencer career with her blog, “Much Love, Sophie,” where she shared fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness tips. “Much Love, Sophie” stole the hearts of many, including mine, making it no surprise that the beloved Dallas-based luxury cowboy boot brand Miron Crosby wanted to collaborate with her.

SP: What was the inspiration behind this collaboration?

SM: The Miron Crosby X Sophie McGuire collaboration is truly a dream come true! When I was 17, I remember writing in my design journal (and still have the journal entry) that I would love to work with Miron Crosby one day. Seven years later, out of the blue, Miron Crosby reached out to me, and I knew it was meant to be. I live in my MC boots and adore Lizzie and Sarah, the creators of Miron Crosby, as well as their lovely team. The inspiration behind the boot comes from our mutual love of Texas and how the word “y’all” embodies our culture. In 1930, friendship was adopted as the Texas State Motto, and y’all is the Texan way of expressing coming together as friends and family, and making memories. Y’all is a positive, meaningful expression that embodies the spirit of Texas!

SP: From this shoot, it is apparent that you embody the type of customer Miron Crosby caters to. In your experience working with them, is there anything you learned about the brand that you had not known prior?

SM: Working with Miron Crosby taught me the wondrous power of a female-run business, sisterhood, the art of boot making (each pair is made by hand), and that a good pair of boots is the cherry on top for every outfit! With my sister being my bestie, learning from sisters Lizzie and Sarah empowered and inspired me to understand what an amazing partnership looks like.

SP:How was the process designing the boot and working with the Miron Crosby team?

SM: Given the opportunity to work and design with the Miron Crosby team, felt truly authentic as I love their boots. Whether I am in the country riding horses or enjoying a fun, glitzy night out in Dallas, they fit into my lifestyle so well.

We wanted to build upon the magic of the Texas lifestyle with these boots. The design process began in August 2023 with the talented Miron Crosby team. It marked Miron Crosby’s first design collaboration, and I felt immensely honored to have this opportunity. 

Using skills I learned as a fashion media student here at SMU, we worked over the next six months to create a boot we were all passionate about! With the help of the experts on the MC team, we were able to create three colorways: olive and pink, midnight blue and light blue, and platinum and light blue. Each pair has its own charm, making a statement with the “y’all” phrase, luxurious star details, and beautiful stitching around the boot.

SP: Give us the inside scoop on the shoot – all the pictures look so amazing, it must have been such a fun experience. 

SM: Nothing is better than seeing something you’ve imagined and worked on for so long come to life. Shooting at the iconic Will Rogers arena in Fort Worth was magic as we danced around in the mud wearing sequins, denim, and MC x SM boots. We shot with Chase Hall, who I’ve been working with since I was in high school, and he was a freshman at SMU. It’s always a blast working together because we have so much history. Lizzie and Sarah brought such fun energy to the shoot and showed me how it’s done! Our shoot day was full of bringing a vision to life, sharing lots of giggles, and enjoying the excitement of collaboration. Truly the best shoot ever and a day I’ll never forget! With 22 being my lucky number, sharing the first glimpse on my 22nd birthday was pretty special, too.

Here are some of the ways Sophie styled the boots, proving they are a must-have addition to everyone’s collection: 

A classic everyday look: The simple combination of a sweater, jeans, belt, and denim coat creates a classic look, with the boots adding a playful flair.

A Canadian tuxedo with a chic twist: Sophie blends western staple pieces into a fashion-forward ensemble, with a faux fur jacket, black accessories, and, of course, her boots.

From a day on the ranch to a night on the town: This glitzy look exemplifies the effortless versatility of the MC x SM boots.

Follow @sophiejmcguire and @mironcrosby on Instagram to learn more! 

Check out The Sophie boot at the Miron Crosby Store located at:

25 Highland Park Village #201, Dallas, TX 75205 (214) 238-3385

Photos Courtesy of Sophie McGuire

Sophia Pardo

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