Tyler Talks Fashion: Djerf Avenue Enters the Beauty Scene

By Tyler Martin

Matilda Djerf has taken the influencer-brand world by storm since the inception of her company, Djerf Avenue, back in 2019. Our favorite fashion influencer, celebrated for her fresh take on capsule wardrobes, is now entering a new category: beauty.

In 2021, the internet went wild over Matilda’s hair, with everyone attempting to recreate her iconic blowout style. TikTok was flooded with tutorials on achieving her effortlessly chic loose bangs and curls. A recent Byrdie article said that Matilda’s hair has become the modern-day equivalent of “The Rachel,” made famous by Rachel Green’s character on Friends — demonstrating just how much sway and influence Matilda holds in this category. The hashtag #matildadjerfhair has racked up over 160 million views on TikTok alone since first going viral three years ago. It’s clear that Matilda’s influence goes way beyond just clothing. So, her decision to release beauty products – that she’s been secretly using off-camera for months – feels like a natural progression.

It seems as if Matilda Djerf has been gearing up for this beauty launch for some time. Her social media accounts, especially TikTok, have been flooded with “GRWM” and hair-centric videos for several years. Fans have come to recognize self-care, a flawless hair routine, and selecting the perfect outfit as essential parts of Matilda’s overall aesthetic. She’s not just a master of curating a chic clothing brand; she’s a lifestyle icon.

I think the introduction of this beauty line feels like a logical step for Matilda Djerf. She’s already developed such a strong brand presence on djerfavenue.com, and these new beauty additions seamlessly integrate into her unique draw array of products sold on the website while simulatneously enhancing her allure as a content creator. Matilda has demonstrated her versatility in expanding beyond clothing categories. For example, her recent segue into homeware, featuring robes, bedding, and home accessories, has been a massive success. Who would have thought that her whimsical, berry-printed robes would become such a massive hit? The brand’s consistent sell-out status speaks volumes on Matilda Djerf’s ability to market items beyond just clothing.

Although the beauty line has not yet launched, a recent Cosmopolitan article shared the experiences of three editors who tested the products over the course of a month. Each editor, with different hair types and concerns, gave positive reviews of the new products. They praised the chic packaging, subtle floral scent, and lightweight feel.  

Djerf Avenue Beauty’s first launch will feature two products: the “On-the-Go Styling Gel” ($22) and the “Breezy Styling Mist” ($27). The line is set to debut online on the website come this upcoming Wednesday, March 27th.

To add to the excitement, the new beauty products will also be unveiled at a pop-up event in NYC from March 27th to April 2nd. Attendees will be able to snag the latest beauty products alongside a range of new homeware items inspired by the beauty launch, as well as select pieces from the brand’s core clothing collection. I can totally envision fans picking up a robe, the new hair products, and a home accessory, all in pursuit of recreating their own version of the Matilda Djerf morning routine. With such a strong connection to its audience and a constantly expanding brand portfolio, who wouldn’t want to be part of the Djerf Avenue experience and show their support?

So, will you be setting your alarms for the beauty launch? Don’t miss out.

Cover Artwork by Staff Member Athena Mamatas

Tyler Martin

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