Empowering Confidence: Kimberly Scott’s Entrepreneurial Journey with the Skinny Leg Tribe

By: Monet Manesh

Can you turn your childhood insecurity into inspiration for a successful business? Kimberly Scott says, “Yes, you can!” Like most young girls coming of age, Kimberly Scott harbored insecurities about her physique. Her skinny legs became a topic for taunts – both at school and soon after, in her career. While being skinny is certainly sought after, even idolized thanks to the media (“never too rich, never too thin”), skinny legs were never a desired trait in Scott’s eyes. 

Enthusiastic about fashion from an early age, in her teens, Scott had a vision for customized boots that pulled up her slender legs and actually had a tight, snug fit. Yet, this passing notion would not be fully realized until decades later, after she pursued a thriving career in finance, with a focus on international banking, and health care. Her professional success was fostered by earning a master’s from Southern Methodist University. 

Scott’s knack for managing money came in handy when she decided to finally and fully realize her dream by launching The Skinny Leg Tribe – a specialized line of finely crafted boots, handmade by Italian artisans using the most luxurious leathers from the world’s fashion capital. These boots are specifically suited for skinny-legged gals just like Scott. 

Scott’s boots are designed for calf sizes ranging from 11 to 14 inches. In addition to establishing a perfect fit for her discerning clients, comfort and color were major priorities. 

“Comfort is born from using the finest materials and attention to every detail,” says Scott. Scott believes that footwear should be fun, offering boots in bright reds and bold blues, that provide unique alternatives to your standard brown and black pairs.

The Estelle Royal Boot

I had the opportunity to meet this proactive and persevering entrepreneur, during her guest lecture at SMU this past Tuesday, and was so inspired by her talk.

Scott told SMU Fashion Media Professor Jenny Davis and students in her spring semester Media and the Art of Fashion Design class that success in the fashion business is much more than just making money; it’s about empowering women to feel and look their best. 

“Our mission is not just about selling boots, but about inspiring confidence, celebrating individuality, and empowering women to embrace their unique beauty,” shared Scott, when describing her primary inspiration for her fashion line. Increasingly, fashion entrepreneurs are dedicated to women’s well-being, countering the many ways that fashion and related media can subtly, or not so subtly, undermine women’s confidence. 

I was delighted to interview Scott when she visited SMU. It was a unique opportunity for me to learn even more about her line. When asked about her ability to pursue her goals in a fiercely competitive industry and provide advice for those pursuing their own dreams, she said: 

“Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Learn as much as you possibly can. If you have the right people on your team, you will be able to manage your strengths and weaknesses.”

Hopefully, this “real-world” advice will benefit aspiring entrepreneurs as they seek to pursue their passions and foster their own business success, just like Scott. 

Monet Manesh

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