Prepping Your Hair for the Boulevard

By: Meg Bergstrom

9:30 a.m.: Press snooze

9:45 a.m.: Check email, then scroll mindlessly through Instagram and check snap stories from last night

10 a.m.: Refresh email, lie back down

10:11 a.m.: Refresh email again

10:45 a.m.: Refresh email… FINALLY

The long-awaited email including yesterday’s Flash Boulevard pictures are finally uploaded. As I scroll through the endless photographs of hundreds of people I don’t know, I search for my mirrored sunglasses and blonde curls in hopes of finding a decent picture to Instagram.

Suddenly I see myself. I click on the photo and zoom in and think, “There is no way THAT is what my hair looked like.”

Most SMU girls understand the struggle of maintaining decent hair on the Boulevard. After all, it’s not just a three-hour Boulevard that you must prep your hair for. By the time I actually arrive at the Boulevard, I typically have been at a two-hour brunch and socialized at a pregame for an additional two hours. After seeing those dreadful Flash photos, I vowed I would never let my hair look like that again — and did some research on how to prevent the humidity from attacking my hair. Although humidity is impossible to avoid, there are a few products and hairstyles that will help combat it.

Three helpful products:

1. Anti- Humidity spray


Not only does anti-humidity spray help set your hair, it prevents future mishaps from occurring. Dallas stylist Erica Hollingsworth uses Oribe anti-humidity spray. “It’s the best thing ever,” she says. “It keeps moisture out, but locks in moisture so your hair doesn’t feel dry.” Pick up this product at your Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus for $22.

2. Oils and butters


If you have thick or curly hair, you may want to give coconut oil or shea butter a try. These products will help even the unruliest hair stay free of frizz. This is one product that I absolutely cannot live without. My favorite is Moroccan Oil and you can grab this product at Nordstrom or on

3. Smoothing Serum


A touch of serum leaves any type of hair shiny and smooth while eliminating frizz. This is yet another one of my all-time favorite products. Personally, I prefer Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine serum and you can find that at your local drugstore or nearest Target for just under $5.

Three Boulevard-proof hairstyles:

1. All natural

Embed from Getty Images

Embrace your natural hair. Instead of spending hours blowing out and curling your locks, tousle your natural curls and head to the Boulevard with confidence.

2. Beach waves

Embed from Getty Images

One of the best hairstyles for humidity is simple beach waves. According to professional stylist Hollingsworth, “It’s supposed to look like you didn’t try very hard, and if it falls it’s OK.”

3. Messy bun


Most of the time on the game days my hair ends up in a sweaty bun, so you may as well start with it and prevent the hassle of searching for bobby pins on the Boulevard.

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