Take a Look: Christina Weiss

By: Camille Ulam


Meet Christina Weiss, SMU junior, and style guru. This Bay Area cutie brings her A game to every event. After spending a summer in Paris and traveling around Europe, she has been influenced by the best of the best in fashion. We got the opportunity to sit down with Christina and figure out what exactly influences her.


How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is youthful, trendy, edgy, and fun!


What are your favorite Dallas spots?

Highland Park Village is my happy place. I love Honor Bar and Bistro 31. Uchi is my favorite sushi restaurant and even though Dolce Rivera just opened it already one of my favorites. (Can you tell I love food)


What are your favorite brands to shop?

Sandro, Zara, and Missguided.


Who is your ultimate style icon?

Bella Hadid or Danielle Bernstein


Any trends you love currently?

I am obsessed with the platform shoes trend


Beauty product you couldn’t live without?

my OUAI smooth shampoo and conditioner! I get the worst frizzy hair especially in Dallas’ humidity and this is the first shampoo and conditioner I have found that actually help tame the frizz without any other products.


Go-to accessory?

I don’t wear very much jewelry but I love adding a cute purse to make an outfit come together.


Favorite place to travel to?

In the US: Miami. In the world: St. Tropez (I love any place sunny with a pretty beach and fun nightlife)


If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Probably London because it is so central to the US and the rest of Europe so I could go back and forth easily between the two. The British accents don’t hurt either.


Dream job?

To get paid to travel and eat and shop…don’t think that job exists but a girl can dream.

Now we all need to go shopping and emulate Christina’s style!

Camille Ulam

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