Dad Sneakers, a Shocking Trend in Fashion

By: Courtney Novak

Did you ever think that your Dad’s clunky, bright colored, vintage sneakers would make the spotlight? Well, you are in for a treat. Dad sneakers are the latest trend that has been spotted regularly during NYFW. This is one of those trends that has many people confused but also intrigued.

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Dad sneakers have been seen on many celebrities including the Kardashians. The dad sneakers are often seen paired with a street style outfit. The “ugly” dad sneakers were one of the biggest trends seen on people attending shows during NYFW for statement and comfort reasons.

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Many top designers have come out with dad sneakers including Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, YEEZY by Kanye West, and Acne. Louis Vuitton’s Archlight sneaker was seen the most on models, editors, and influencers because of comfort and aesthetic in between shows.



Dad sneakers are one of the many unique trends that have been brought into the limelight because of celebrities. The amount of influence celebrities have on trends is immense and dad sneakers are a perfect example of that.

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So, are you going to fall into this wild trend to channel your inner street style? All you need to do is go raid your Dad’s closet. Regardless, this trend is one to definitely turn heads.

Courtney Novak

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