A Spray That Stays

By: Brooke Herigon

Spray tans are a real miracle worker in the beauty department. Whether getting ready for a formal, going on an away weekend, or just looking for a little pick-me-up, spray tans are the ultimate confidence booster. That being said, there is nothing worse than a spray tan that looks scale-y (ew). Here are five hacks on how to make that faux-glow last.

1. Ex-fol-i-ate

One of the best ways to ensure your tan lasts is to exfoliate beforehand. This will ensure that your tan goes on smooth and isn’t being applied to dead skin. A sugar scrub, exfoliating glove, or even a washcloth can do the trick for this. My favorite way to exfoliate? An Epsom salt bath. Exfoliate the night before your tan and your skin (and spray) will thank you later.

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2. Turn down the heat

Hot showers are my jam, but they can be detrimental to the lasting power of your spray tan. Turn down the heat on your shower to extend the life of your tan an extra few days. It may be chilly but totally worth it.

3. Be gentle

Harsh products like body wash and razors can ruin a tan. Make sure you do all of your shaving and buffing beforehand to ensure that you don’t rub it all away. Opt for a gentle soap to use after your tan like this one from Derma E.

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Derma E Body Wash

4. Moisturize

Lotion is key to making your glow last but stay away from oil-based products. These could cause your tan to fade FAST. Try this one from CeraVe that is gentle yet moisturizing (and available at the drugstore).

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CeraVe Lotion

5. Pat to dry

Patting your skin dry is essential to extending the life of your tan. Towels have extreme exfoliating properties so make sure to pat instead of rub when you hop out of the shower.

Brooke Herigon

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