Gloww Getter

By: Corbett de Giacomo


Whitney Kelly wants to change everything you think you know about spray-tanning. If the thought of getting a spray tan conjures up images of the “Jersey Shore” cast, you might want to visit Gloww, Kelly’s Knox Henderson studio.

Gloww delivers the highest quality product on the market (including the brand the Kardashian sisters apparently use), while Kelly’s hand-applied airbrush tans are flawlessly streak-free and decidedly un-orange. Gloww is dedicated to using solutions that aren’t harmful to the skin, only naturally derived. On top of that, Kelly’s range of shades is completely customizable, ensuring a tan that is definitely not one-size-fits-all.

Kelly is not only amazing at what she does (I swear her tans could make anyone look 10 pounds lighter), but also a savvy entrepreneur who has built an extremely successful business in an ultra-competitive metropolitan beauty market in less than five years. It’s no wonder she’s often booked solid by the weekend and an SMU formal-season favorite.

SMU Look sat down with Kelly, a former SMU student, to discuss what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur in the beauty world.

Kelly is currently offering an exclusive discount to all SMU students. To book an appointment with the woman herself, simply go to

SMU Look: Did you always know you wanted to work in the beauty industry?

Whitney Kelly: I did not. I actually did sales for eight years after college. From there, I always thought I’d work in another industry, but somehow I started doing tans part time and eventually turned it into my full-time job.

SL: Why Spray Tanning?

WK: When I started doing tans, it was an up-and-coming industry. People had a bad view of what spray tans were. At the time, they were obvious, orange and unnatural. Starting a few years ago, some of the solutions were formulated to be more natural, to not have a smell, to not be as sticky and to look a lot better overall. I remember getting a spray tan and thinking, “Wow, this has really changed.”

SL: What’s the best thing about being your own boss?

WK: Flexibility, and the fact that you don’t have to answer to anyone else. You can make your own schedule. Even though sometimes it’s a lot of extra work, it’s much more fulfilling to be able to work for yourself.

SL: Do you have any advice for those thinking of becoming entrepreneurs in the beauty world?

WK: Just go for it. There’s never going to be a time when you know you’re 100 percent ready to do anything. Execution is the biggest thing. So many people come up with ideas or want to do things and they don’t actually follow through. If it’s something you’re actually passionate about or interested in, the earlier the better, just try it. The worst thing that could happen is that it doesn’t work, and then you get to try something else.

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