Things You Do That Makeup Artists Don’t Like

By Clementine Marcogliese

Five sins to avoid when getting your makeup done

Putting on makeup can be stressful. What are the best products, what is the correct way to apply, what color eyeshadow, lipstick, concealer, highlighter, and blush to use? Liquid or pencil eyeliner?  What about mascara –– black or soft black?  It can be overwhelming. That’s where a MUA comes in. These professional artists enhance and transform. We book them in advance for very special events, like weddings and galas, and sometimes even for everyday events.

Makeup artists are the new superstars of social media, they have millions of followers and artists like Pat McGrath have even made their way into Times’ 100 most influential people. These artists make their living by creating art on a blank face.  Keyword: blank. How do you prepare for a makeup artist to come? Do you prep your skin? Do you start by adding your own layer of products so they don’t see your flawed skin? Well not exactly, you come as you are –– natural.

As stated above the face is a blank canvas for the artist; and what artist wants their canvas already compromised? Definitely not makeup artists. You are the canvas – let the artist do their job.

Here are five sins to avoid when getting your makeup done.

Rushing the Artist

Be on time! Don’t expect the artist to finish in crunch time to compensate for your tardiness. Time is valuable, and time is art, and neither can be rushed. The artist needs time to work with their palette. You may have waited days, weeks or months for this appointment, so treasure it.

Showing up with Makeup on

Come with a fresh face. An artist needs a blank canvas to create a work of art.  By showing up with makeup on, not only can the artist not see what they are working with but it adds in extra time and unneeded work. Mackenzie Larrabee has been to several makeup artists and always makes sure to have a fresh face.

“I think it’s a respect thing, don’t make things more complicated,” Larrabee said. “I don’t want to be there longer than I have to so I always come with a clean and bare face, I’ve found artists love this.”

Bringing friends 

As much as it’s fun to bring a friend along with you to an appointment, it is distracting not only for the client but also for the MUA. Having to constantly ask you to turn away from talking and not move your mouth is annoying. Bring yourself and leave the unneeded distractions behind. Makeup artist out of Mckinney, Kristen Farrah expressed the issue with too much of a crowd during the appointment.

“Getting your makeup can already be a stressful process so it’s better to minimize that with less people in the room,” Farrah said. 

Not communicating what you want 

Although the MUA is the pro in the makeup world, don’t be afraid to communicate what you want, they cannot read your mind! A fun eye look could look completely different to you than to the MUA. Do your research and show up with inspo pics to make sure that the finished product can be exactly what you want.

Not having an open mind 

Makeup artists know all the tricks and trends behind makeup. Trust the process, and trust the artist. If you are not open you can not truly get the full experience and benefit from the appointment.

Take full advantage of your makeup appointment, but also be mindful of their time, talent and taste!

Lucy Ladis

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