Nailed It: Fall Edition

Dallas temperatures may still be sizzling but there are other ways to embrace the cooler months coming. Get into the autumn spirit by switching up your mani with some of these fall nail trends inspired by the runway.

1. French Manicure With A Twist
This edgy twist on the classic French manicure can incorporate fall colors in an unexpected yet subtle way.

French Manicure
Image: Pinterest Photo credit: Pinterest

2. Half Moons
Similar to a French manicure, the half moon mani trend has a chic allure that is effortless and classy.

Half Moons
Image: Pinterest Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Black & Red
If it ain’t broke—don’t fix it! You really can’t go wrong with these classic hues that are sure to match every outfit.

Image: Pinterest

4. Foil Dipped
Add a subtle splash of sparkle with a metallic glitter polish just at the tip of the nails.

Foil Dipped
Image: Pinterest Photo credit: Pinterest

5. Unexpected Metallic
Who said you can’t have metallic green nails?! These colors will have you feelin’ pumpkin spice in no time.

Image: Pinterest

6. Mix & Match
Create contrast by painting your ring finger a different color than the rest. Add a pop of color with a bright or unexpected hue.

Image: Pinterest

Brooke Herigon

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