Who to Follow: For the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Even though the seasons are changing, denim never goes out of style. From mom jeans to bell-bottoms to the OG skinny, there’s a plethora of options now to rock denim during a transitional period. Even with all the different types, it can be hard to find that “perfect” pair like the girls in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants did. The question of how to find the perfect jeans is apparent. So, I’ve complied five brands to follow to see if these jeans make you take a line from Ariana’s 7 Rings saying, “I want [them], I got [them].”

Re/Done: According to Who What Wear, “L.A.-based Re/Done got its start a few years ago by reworking men’s vintage Levi’s to reflect the trends of today.” When looking at their Instagram feed, it is obvious to see the similar structure of Levi’s. Elle even boasted about how these jeans gives people the best-looking butt. The price tag is around $200, but the Elle article says, “Re/Done has so far sold more than 5,000 pairs of repurposed Levi’s; and there is a waiting list 1,200-people long.”

McGuire: This is the softest pair of jeans I have ever put on my body. After discovering these jeans in Charleston about two years ago, I am hooked. On top of the fabric material, the silhouettes give you the longest legs. According to the website, “The brand’s mission is to create timeless, beautifully designed silhouettes that combine both style and utility.” The Huffington Post agrees how flattering these jeans are. “The brand prides itself on leg-lengthening silhouettes and quality craftsmanship. That’s definitely a recipe for success.”
https://www.instagram.com/p/BqNT5UMn8aL/American Eagle: Yes, I know many associate AE with their teen angst stage, but American Eagle actually has great affordable jeans. With a variety of styles, fits and price points, it is easier to buy a handful of types to find your perfect pair.

Madeleine Fennell

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