With formals coming up, many girls want to look their absolute best. Which means getting a silky, voluminous blowout if you’re not comfortable with doing your own hair. However, that means the popular DryBar is sure to sell out quick. But don’t worry, Dry Bar isn’t the only place to get gorgeous. Here are 3 other Dallas salons that can give you a perfect formal-ready look.

Dear Clark

The atmosphere of Dear Clark is fun, spunky, and open. The uptown salon is sure to get you excited and ready for formal. Dear Clark is dedicated to using all-natural products. They have their own line of products made with all natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, sunflower seed oil, and Rose of Jericho. Natural products are super beneficial to the hair as Aloe hydrates and balances the scalp, sunflower seed oil is a natural heat protectant, and Rose of Jericho helps strengthen and hydrate the hair. You’ll leave the Blow-Dry Lounge with fresh and strong hair that has not been contaminated with toxic ingredients. Blowouts range from $40-$60 and only take around 30-45 minutes to style–perfect for a last minute blowout. Additionally, Dear Clark offers haircuts and hair coloring for women, men, and children. Book here.



B.A.M. stands for blowouts and makeup. And that’s exactly what the uptown salon offers. B.A.M. is a great option if you want to get everything out of the way at one place in order to get formal ready. The salon uses top-scale products and brands such as Dyson and Balmain Hair Couture. B.A.M. has also created their own makeup line which they use on their customers. Additionally, it was started by two SMU grads so they know their audience. Blowouts start at $45 and makeup starts at $35. Book here.


The Hair Bar

The Hair Bar is a no-cut, no-color, only blowout hair salon. The Hair Bar offers five different blowout looks to choose from styled with Kevin Murphy and Oribe products. As a recently added addition to the services, the salon also offers Keratin treatments to get smoother, silkier hair. Additionally, the salon offers makeup starting at $70 for a full-coverage look. But be sure to book quick because there are only 15 seats in the salon. Blowouts start at $45. Book Here.


Having trouble decided which to pick? Having been to all three locations my favorite was Dear Clark because I was in and out of the salon super quickly, with a silky smooth blowout with lots of volume that lasted three days. The salon is also huge so they can accommodate a ton of people at once.

Emma Castner

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