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VITIV Daily Hair Vitamin

When I first tried this product it seemed like something I didn’t NEED need. I had gone all my life without using any product in my hair right out of the shower. This hair vitamin comes in the form of a pump serum that you brush through the ends of your hair while it’s still wet and I can honestly say it has changed my relationship with my hair. I have a lot of very thin hair that I could never grow out because it’s so weak. I am now reaching the end of my first bottle and my hair has never been so healthy. In case you needed another reason to try it, it smells incredible as well!!

Derma E hydrating night cream

This night cream is excellent for anyone with skin on the dry side. I apply it before bed every night and my skin feels dewy and fantastic. Not to be used before applying makeup since it is so dense.

Osea hyaluronic sea serum

Osea is a Malibu based skin care collection with organic ingredients. While it is on the pricier side, this is one product that I wholeheartedly recommend. If you’re going to splurge for anything in their line, make it the sea serum. This serum does exceptionally well at locking in moisture and keeping your skim balanced. The brand has a satisfaction guarantee so if it doesn’t improve your skin, they will refund you completely!

Wild craft balance toner

This is an excellent alternative to the Mario badescu rosewater facial sprays. While frequently named as favorites, they have a lot of added chemicals that can irritate and dry out your skin. This product has none of those! The geranium and citrus scents are refreshing and cooling and the toner will balance your skin on the hottest sweatiest days. Perfect for post- workout!

Charlotte tilbury Magic cream

Charlotte Tilbury is a personal favorite of mine. While I’m obsessed with all of her makeup, the magic cream is a stand out in my opinion. Before she ever started her own collection, Charlotte would blend this cream herself and use it backstage on the models she worked with as a makeup artist. It was so beloved by her clients that it was dubbed “magic cream.” This is a perfect moisturizer to use before foundation. It works so incredibly well that I have oftentimes gone without makeup just after putting on this cream.

Sanitas papaya pineapple mask

This line can be found at Whole Foods and Pharmaca. While there are many great products among the collection, my favorite is this enzyme mask. It manages to clear my pores without making me feel like it’s drying or damaging my skin.

Cosmedix purity solution cleansing oil

This oil is the perfect all around cleanser. Not only does it remove makeup easily, but because oil attracts oil, it is actually great for both dry and oily skin! It balances my combination complexion and leaves my skin dewy and glowing.

Skin script glycolic cleanser

This is a great cleanser for anyone with acne scaring or red spots on their skin. It is super strong and incredibly clarifying. While definitely not an everyday product, it is excellent for when your skin needs some major TLC.

Juice beauty spf 30 oil free moisturizer

I never liked using an spf moisturizer because I hate the typical sunscreen smell. Once I found this product I threw that out the window and I SWEAR BY this stuff. I use it every day and it protects my pasty cheeks from sun damage without that horrendous smell.

Beauty counter all over acne treatment

This is a great option for acne prone skin. You can use it all over or just in problem areas and it acts as a pore cleanser and an anti inflamatory agent to treat and prevent acne.

Milk makeup kush mascara

This mascara is incredible for both length and volume. It contains hemp oil (thus the name) which means it conditions your lashes while you’re wearing it. The brush is huge so it’s fast and fabulous!

Glossier balm dot com

This is my go to lip product for when I don’t want to wear lipstick. Oftentimes if I’m wearing foundation I don’t like to leave my lips bare. This product, which comes in various tints and flavors is my savior! My personal favorite is cherry balm.

SpaRitual Nail Polish

I’ve been spending lots of time painting my own nails due to quarantine and this polish has become a staple of mine. Without the chemicals and toxins in many other polishes, I really feel like it’s actually making my nails stronger while I’m wearing it. It’s a perfect product for anyone who is taking a break from gel or dip manicures or for those who want their nails to look nice while they’re nourished.

Love Beauty and Planet hair products

Not only are these products cruelty free but the bottles are made from recycled plastic! While you are helping to fight animal testing, you can embrace your inner green thumb by using a product committed to acts of love for the planet. Your hair will thank you too as the products are entirely paraben free.

Gillian Bressie

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