Student Style Profile: Maria Chammas

By Shae Walker

Maria Chammas is a senior from Houston, Texas majoring in Fashion Media and Journalism. Alongside pursuing her academic goals, Maria is a dedicated member of the Chi Omega chapter on campus and is our editor-in-chief here at SMU Look. I got the opportunity to talk with the stylish and accomplished Maria and here is what I learned: 

Shae Walker: Describe your style in 3 words:

Maria Chammas: “Refined and feminine but still playful.”

SW: Where do you primarily shop?

MC: “I primarily shop at Alice + Olivia, that’s just been the brand I’ve gravitated to the most since high school. But I love having basics and neutrals in my closet too, so I go to brands like Theory and Aritzia for those types of pieces. “

Image Courtesy of Maria Chammas

SW: If you could raid one person’s closet, who would it be?

MC: “I’d raid my mom’s closet! She has the best style and so many iconic pieces. I definitely get my love of clothing and fashion from her. If only we were the same shoe size 🙁 But if I were to raid a celebrity’s closet, I think I’d go with Hailey Bieber. She always looks so chic and put together but still cool and trendy without even looking like she’s trying.”
SW: Where/ who do you draw inspiration from? 

MC: “I’ve shifted from obsessing over certain influencers and instead I draw inspiration from TikTok and Instagram in general. I also love checking out street-style photos during fashion week to see what new trends are popping up.”

SW: If you could only wear one piece for the rest of your life, what would it be?

MC: “The piece I’d wear for the rest of my life is my pearl ring. It was my grandmother’s, and she gave it to my mom when she was a teenager. A few years ago, my mom gave it to me and I wear it every single day!”

Image Courtesy of Maria Chammas

SW: What are your beauty essentials?

MC: “My main essentials are my gold jewelry pieces that I never take off. They’re a good base that helps me feel more put together even if in reality I look like a mess. But for beauty products, the Fenty tinted moisturizer is my absolute holy grail. It is so beautiful on the skin and just evens everything out without too much coverage or product use. “

SW: What are your go-to spots in Dallas?

MC: “My go-to spots are Fachini (if you haven’t tried the meatballs, you’re doing it wrong), Lounge 31 and Musume. These places have the best food, drinks and overall aesthetic/vibes. “

SW: Favorite look you’ve ever worn:

Image Courtesy of Maria Chammas

MC: “My favorite look is a winter look I wore this past December when I was celebrating Christmas with my family in Lebanon. We were up in the mountains and the weather was a little cold, so I styled a brown Sandro vest over a cream turtleneck, with a vegan leather Alice + Olivia skirt and this amazingly tailored Alice + Olivia coat. My boots and sunglasses are Dior and I felt like they pulled the outfit together perfectly. I just love the way it looks to layer neutrals in the wintertime! “

Shae Walker

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