Who To Follow: For the Coolest Parisian Brands

Oui, merci, baguettes, berets, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. These are the things you see, hear and eat while in Paris. Paris is known as a “dreamland” or more commonly, the city of love. We all dream of going to Paris and we all dream of shopping in Paris. From Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior to the lesser-known brands, Paris rules the fashion scene. If you’re looking to snag up the city’s coolest brands in “la Ville des Lumiéres,” then go follow these Instagram accounts.

1. Clare V: Clare is known for her round basket bags and fun pops of color. But, she actually started her line after noticing a lack of functional yet stylish laptop cases. While the brand is based in Los Angeles, Clare’s handbags and accessories are heavily influenced by Parisian culture since she spends much of her time there with her French husband.


2. Robert Clergerie: Forbes talks to the new CEO of Robert Clergerie, Perry Oosting, who says, “What differentiates us is the way we add a touch of French elegance and femininity.” His shoes are both a mix of masculinity, femininity and typical Parisian culture. Go snag up a pair of these to channel your inner French persona.

3. Sandro: Started by Evelyne Chetrite, Sandro’s colored dresses and their fun denim will not disappoint. With all of their clothes designed in Paris, this company is the perfect brand to give you the effortless French vibe.

4. Maje: Maje is Sandro’s sister company. Created and designed by the sister of Sandro’s owner, Maje represents the quintessential young French woman with their staple fringe bags.

The idea of speaking French, munching on ham and brie baguettes, and shopping at the world’s fashion capital swoon’s us. So if you’re looking to transport yourself to the fashion scene in “Pari,” go ahead and follow these accounts.

Madeleine Fennell

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