Sophie’s List: Glossier Play

In early March, the cult favorite brand Glossier announced the arrival of Glossier Play. Think of Glossier Play as Glossier’s cooler older sister. Unlike its sister, a brand that’s built on glowy, dewy, natural skin… Glossier Play is all about doing the most.

Being a diehard Glossier fan I knew I needed to know more about the new products, so I sat down with Sophie McGuire of popular Dallas based blog MuchLoveSophie to hear her product reviews. Read below to find out which products are worth it!


LL: What products did you buy?

SM: “I purchased the glitter gelees, vinylic lip, and I also purchased the colorful eyeliner which I’m super excited about. I’m really loving the whole 80’s vibe that everyone’s really into lately. I feel like I’m seeing it everywhere I go from Barney’s to Saks to Neimans. I’m loving how its coming back better than ever with so many fun rainbow colors and glitter. This is also a fun way to start to get into the 80’s vibe if you’re not wanting to go for the full outfit yet. You can start by doing some fun makeup with your simple outfits just to give yourself a little pop. It’s also cool for summer if you just want to do natural skin with a pink eyeliner to give yourself an extra bit of playfulness.”

LL: Have you tried any of the products so far?

SM: ” I tried the glitter gelee and I loved it. What I did was I took the colorslide in the shade cash salad and put it all over my lid. I would definitely recommend purchasing that color because it can also go as a gold eyeshadow and it has a little bit of olive green to it. I put that all over my eye kind of in like a cat eye shape and then I added just a dash of glitter gelee and I just put it right in the center of my eye probably like five specks of glitter, but it also just adds a little bit of a gleam whenever you look down especially when it reflects in the sunlight it looks really nice and pretty so i recommend it.

LL: What about vinylic lip? Tell me about it…

SM: It’s very natural on. I purchased the shade pony which is kind of like a brown nude color. It would look good on most skin tones. I saw the swatches and it looked really nice on so that’s why I purchased that color. It has a spongy applicator that you apply it with. Overall I enjoy it.

LL: What draws you to Glossier Play

SM: Glossier Play really compliments my personal style. The way I like to express myself is very colorful and bright and unique. I think Glossier Play is a fun way to express yourself through your makeup and add a little bit of a pop to an everyday look. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. It never hurts to try. I’m always here if you have any questions!

Make sure to follow Sophie on instagram @muchlovesophie to see how she wears her Glossier Play IRL.


Lizzie Loftus

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