Take A Closer Look: Neha Husein

By: Anna Grace Carey

After being rear-ended by a distracted driver, Neha Husein decided to challenge the texting while driving status quo. Her solution? An app that rewards drivers for putting their phones away. Since its launch earlier this year, Just Drive is on the app store and was featured at SXSW.

SMU Look: What has been your favorite experience with Just Drive?

Neha Husein: The best part is when friends come up to me and say, “I thought about texting and driving but didn’t.” I think seeing those changes in people’s mindsets and worldviews has been the most rewarding part because it feels like all of this was for a reason.

SL: Where do you see Just Drive going in the future?

NH: What I love about Just Drive as a company is that my vision of it is expanding beyond an app. Eventually, I want to incorporate the technology into the car itself.

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