Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Shopping Guide

Winter has come to Dallas early this year, bringing us gray skies and below-freezing morning temps. You can expect a long winter ahead…

If you (like me) found yourself entirely unprepared for winter and feeling bland in last season’s coat, scroll through to shop our cold-weather picks!

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Textured Puffer (1 2 3 4)

I recently got this Champion puffer and I am OBSESSED. It is versatile because it’s black, but the glossy finish adds an unexpected element. It’s warm enough to reach for on those chilly mornings, and I always get compliments on it. We’re also loving fun textures like satin, velvet, and metallic!

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Warm leggings (1 2 3 4)

When it’s cloudy and windy, you realize pretty quickly that Lululemon leggings are NOT made for cold weather. These lined pairs are essential for walking to class without completely freezing!

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Everyday Boots (1 2 3 4)

When the weather app says “feels like” 20 degrees, sneakers just won’t cut it. These versatile booties will keep your feet warm and pair perfectly with leggings and jeans for class! And honestly, nothing can beat uggs for class- they might not be the most fashion-forward, but they are definitely the comfiest shoes you can wear in the winter. We like the mini style for a subtle look!

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Beanies (1 2 3 4)

Fur pom beanies have been huge in the past couple of years, and they are sticking around this season. In so many colors and styles, it is the perfect way to finish off a cold-weather outfit. And bonus: a beanie is the cutest way to cover up a bad hair day!

Stay Warm!

Mary-Wesley Maddox

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