How To: Black Friday Shopping

The weather may be getting colder, everyone is getting sick, and you have literally a million things on your to-do list….But at least the biggest sale of the year is right around the corner!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which really means it’s almost the Holiday Season (I know, this semester really flew by), so be ahead of the game and take advantage of the amazing Black Friday deals to get your gift shopping done!

Here are some tips, tricks, and different ways to do Black Friday and Cyber Monday the right way!

Black Friday can be super overwhelming. Make it easier on yourself by already knowing what you want to buy before you even start shopping.

For online shopping, putting the items you want in your cart ahead of time will save you lots of stress during the time of sale.

Consulting gift guides are another great way to get some inspiration and super helpful if you have a person on your gift list that is impossible to shop for (looking at you Mom).

Knowing where not to shop is equally as important as knowing where to shop. Check out some articles of Black Friday deals to know if it’s even worth your time going to certain stores.

If you’re a morning person (good for you I guess), then waking up at 5 a.m. should be a breeze. But, if you’re more like me and will be in a full food coma after Thanksgiving, don’t worry, you can still score on Black Friday deals! Most sales go on for the entire week leading up to Thanksgiving and continue through a day or two after Cyber Monday. Just make sure to keep tabs on what you want to buy and you’ll be golden! Happy shopping!

Maria Ryan

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