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Let’s just be upfront and say it: we are all bored. Most of us have turned to either Youtube, Hulu, or Netflix to fill our extra time. I’ve always been a fan on Youtube, but recently I have had a hard time figuring out who to watch. Luckily, over the past week, I have found some Youtubers that I feel have unique styles with engaging lives that I can live vicariously through while I am sitting at home!


Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth Photo credit:

Lauren Elizabeth is what I like to call the “relatable girl boss”. I’m in love with how she dresses in neutral tones and how she styles her jewelry. She vlogs about her life as a dog mom, girlfriend, and clothing line owner. She also does hauls and gives discusses all of the latest trends! She’s a must-watch!

Here is my favorite video of hers: “MY JEWELRY COLLECTION, ORGANIZATION, & FAV BRANDS!


Tamara Kalinic
Tamara Kalinic Photo credit:

I love watching Tamara Kalinic because she is just classier than I will ever be. She does a bunch of luxury hauls but is not trying to throw it in anyone’s face. It’s so much fun to just live vicariously through her as she jet sets around the world to all of the fashion weeks and brand trips.

Here is my favorite video of hers: “Switzerland Here We Come #VLOGMAS15″


Jourdan Sloane
Jourdan Sloane Photo credit:

Jourdan Sloane is such an underrated YouTuber. She has such an amazing sense of style. It’s super unique and I love watching her because it is going to urge me to take more risks once I can get out of my house.

Here is my favorite video of hers: “PT1: Spring Basics Haul, Zara, Brandy Melville, For Love & Lemons


Devon Lee Carlson
Devon Lee Carlson Photo credit:

Devon Lee Carlson is just most known for being part of Wildflower Cases. Her life is just the epitome of the L.A. lifestyle. I honestly just like watching her because she is someone I want to be friends with. Her editing style makes it feel like you are just living life with her as she lives her daily life.

Here is my favorite video of hers: “Paris Fashion Week


Kenzie Elizabeth
Kenzie Elizabeth Photo credit:

Kenzie is known for her comfy sense of style and her vlogs about her productive life. She also recently moved to Dallas so it is nice to watch her walking around in HP Village. She also does a ton of hauls and tries out a bunch of different workout places,

Here is my favorite video of hers: “Week In My Life| exploring dallas, new workouts, meeting with a financial advisor


Alexa Field
Alexa Field Photo credit:

Alexa’s videos are some of my favorites because I love that she vlogs about her life at SMU. She is so put together and has the cutest personality ever. I’m a big fan of “days in my life” videos and she does a ton of those! I am always so inspired by how she lives her life as a college student! If you miss SMU like I do, go and watch her latest couple of videos!

Here is my favorite video of hers: “my REAL college morning routine: healthy & productive


Camille Enes
Camille Enes Photo credit:

Last, but not least, we have Camille! Fun Fact: I actually started watching Camille before I ever knew her at SMU and her videos constantly left me smiling. Camille has an infectious enthusiasm for life, and her sense of style is so unique and fun! She also vlogs about her life at SMU and it’s honestly hard to not fall in love with her.

Here is my favorite video of hers: “college camille: day in the LIFE!!!!

Happy Quarantine!

Princess Matthew-Mba

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