Staying inside means lots of Netflix, Hulu, and HBO time. And who doesn’t like a snack while they are watching TV? These snacks will keep things fun and fresh while you are staying inside.

Almond Butter and Jelly Banana:

This snack takes a banana with peanut butter to the next level, and it tastes like a yummy PB&J. I use almond butter to make it a little healthier, but peanut butter is still just as delicious. All you need to do is chop up a banana on a plate and drizzle almond butter and raspberry jam on top.

Tomato salad:

This snack is more savory. I LOVE salt and this snack kicks my salty snack craving. I take cherry tomatoes and cut them in half, and put them in a bowl. Then I pour a little extra virgin olive oil on them, and then some balsamic vinegar on them. I like to add some salt and pepper on top and a little bit of basil. For extra flavor, add feta or mozzarella cheese.

Fruit and Nut Mix:

This is amazing because you can really customize it. I love mixing pecans, cashews, and almonds with dried cherries and dried cranberries. Sometimes I add dark chocolate too. Play around with butterscotch chips, mini marshmallows, dried fruits, or cereal.

Hummus and More:

Hummus is a great snack that is loaded with protein too. I love eating it with veggies or pita bread, but there are many more combinations. Try pretzels or Nut Thins for a twist on this classic.

Kate Foster

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