Where to Buy: Sorority Essentials

By Rees Sinnott

It’s hard to believe that rush week is already over, but all the new merch is one of the most exciting parts of being a new member. With big-little and initiation coming up, there are many opportunities to buy a few new sorority items. Here are a few places to find new clothes that match your Greek letters!

McCartney’s University Spirit

McCartney’s, Designer Inspired Sorority Blanket Package, $72.99

McCartney’s a staple SMU sorority shop location because of its location! It is located right off campus, so getting the newest sorority pins and hoodies is easy. They have pieces with Greek letters ranging from slippers to hats. McCartney’s also offers customization for sweatshirts. It is the perfect close-by location to get sorority items.

Alpha Apparel Co.

Alpha Apparel Co., WATER COLOR HOODIE, $62

One of the cutest online shops is Alpha Apparel, which has Greek clothing for all the sororities on SMU’s campus. They sell hats, tops, tanks, hoodies, and sweatpants. Alpha Apparel has a wide variety of designs; to order, just select your sorority!


Esty is a great option for custom sorority items. It has endless pages of apparel, jewelry and accessories that are perfect for big-little gifts!

Rees Sinnott

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