Here’s How SMU Students Have Been Passing the Time

For many of us, quarantine consists of seemingly countless hours of Zoom meetings, naps, and Netflix. While we’re all counting down the days until we can safely resume our normal lives, there’s something to be said about having so much free time. Many SMU students have taken quarantine as an opportunity to learn a new hobby or pick up some new projects. Read on to hear from SMU students about what they’ve been up to!

Meg O’Brien (English & Philosophy Major) – Painting

Image courtesy of Meg O'Brien.
Image courtesy of Meg O'Brien.

I wanted something to do that was more fun than school and working out but would still be somewhat productive, so I decided I would start painting about once a week. I always thought paintings of cows were really cool so I decided I would just start doing different cow paintings and create a whole “herd” of them to hang up in my hallway. It’s been a really fun creative outlook where I can do it while listening to music and drinking wine.

Rose Edmondson (Biology Major) – Blogging (@isabellaroseblog)

Quarantine has left me with extra time on my hands so I have finally had the chance to really get started on my blog with my sister! We have spent our quarantine taking photos for the blog’s instagram and coming up with fun activities to keep us busy!

Maria Ryan (Fashion Media & Journalism Major) & Princess Matthew (Biology Major) – Melissa Wood Workouts

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I started teaching in the digital space almost 5 years ago. To this the day…the second I set up my tripod and press play to film a flow, I get this crazy feeling inside that comes over me because I feel so freaking lucky to be able to share what I love so much with so many of you. The transformation stories you share with me (both physical and mental) touch my soul in a way I could never put into words. From the bottom of my heart I I just wanted to thank you all so much for the never ending love and support you continue to show me. We are living in devastating times, and my silver lining during all of this is to be able to bring an ounce of peace into your day with my workouts and meditations on my App and live-streams. #MWHmethod #longleanlines

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Maria: Something new I’m doing during quarantine are the Melissa Wood Health workout videos! She has a weekly schedule of videos that are short, easy to follow, and really burn! Plus she’s so calming, its honestly my favorite part of the day.

Princess: I finally started working out because of all the free time I have, and I’ve been loving Melissa Wood Health’s workout!

Gillian Bressie (Fashion Media and Art History Major) – Sewing

Image courtesy of Gillian Bressie.
Image courtesy of Gillian Bressie.

I taught myself how to knit! I’m also sewing masks for hospitals near me. I’ve been journaling a ton and I picked oranges in my yard to make marmalade.

Camille Enes (Pre-Business and Fashion Media Major) – Peloton

What I’ve been doing on my down time is cycling on my Peloton bike which my family got right before quarantine (perfect timing)! It is the best workout and it feels like i’m in Uptown SoulCycle again!

Grace Graves (Business Major with Spanish Minor) – Bracelet Making

Image courtesy of Grace Graves.
Image courtesy of Grace Graves.

I wanted to do something impactful that didn’t require me to put myself at risk. I decided to make $5 custom bracelets where all the proceeds go to the local charity, “Get Shift Done.” I’ve sold about 50 bracelets and I am making the first donation of $200 to Get Shift Done & I couldn’t have done this without those supporting me!

Katie Erikson (Finance Major) – Instagram Live Workouts

My favorite activity I’ve been doing during quarantine is I’ve been tuning into Instagram live workouts! Accounts like Revolve and Bandier have them almost everyday, and it’s been a fun way to get active and be part of a community even while we’re all home!

Maggie Kelleher

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