Take a Look: Alex Fassnacht

Alex Fassnacht stays busy. As a sophomore, she is majoring in International Studies and Public Policy while minoring in Spanish, History, and Human Rights. Outside of the classroom, Alex is involved in Chi Omega, Student Foundation, and Student Senate. Now, this Atlanta native is taking her talent to the Student Body Vice President role. Let’s get to know Alex as she runs for the position.

Pony Up for Alex!
Pony Up for Alex! Photo credit: Alex Fassnacht

Describe yourself in three words.

Confident, enthusiastic, honest.

What’s your style?

Feminine, casual, really anything from Zara!

Describe your journey. How’d you get here?

I came to SMU and was surprised to find myself wanting to get involved immediately. I actually ran to be a first-year Senator freshman year and didn’t win. Thankfully, there was a pre-major senator position open, and Darian Taylor (former Student Body President) knew I was the one for the job. Being a Senator has been one of the most fruitful aspects of my SMU experience because I’ve gotten to meet so many people and learn how to effectively represent their concerns. I have admired the leadership of the past two student body officer groups and that pushed me to want to lead in the same way.

What is your favorite quote/mantra?

My dad always tells me, “if you worry you suffer twice.”

Why SMU?

I love talking about choosing SMU because it was such a spur-of-the-moment decision. I originally chose SMU for all that it gave me upfront: like being in Dallas, smaller classes, and a beautiful campus. I actually told my little brother first before anyone else to test how it felt, and at that point, it was too late to go back! While some of the external motivators are what initially brought me here, I’ve stayed at SMU because of the people I’ve met. The community is so encouraging and passionate about each of our successes and strengths, and I’m so lucky to call this university home.

What’s your uniform (i.e. what you wear on the daily)?

Either my Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress or a solid leggings and sweatshirt combo.

What’s your theme song?

Wow, very difficult question. My immediate answer was “Oops!… I Did It Again,” by Britney Spears haha.

What’s your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is definitely raising $15,000 for SMU dining staff last semester. There were so many “no’s” during that process, and I wanted to be able to show student support for the people who work so generously for us every day. Starting Unsung Heroes, an organization committed to honoring the people who work to make SMU so great behind the scenes, and never giving up on that project, makes me proud.

Alex is THE friend to rely on.
Alex is THE friend to rely on. Photo credit: Alex Fassnacht

What’s been the highlight of your time at SMU?

The highlight of my time at SMU has to be Celebration of Lights last semester. COL was so special because I had the honor of being on the committee that made it all happen. Being able to keep such a special tradition alive at SMU was such a rewarding experience, and I am grateful to be involved. The faces of everyone attending when the lights finally turn on are priceless and what makes the months of planning worth it.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Definitely listening to my favorite true crime podcast, The Last Podcast on the Left. If you see me running on campus, it’s blaring in my AirPods.

How do you balance your busy schedule?

I try to prioritize the parts of my day that make me feel the most put together, like working out. I obviously put classes first, but sometimes there are so many meetings that the homework has to happen later. Spending lots of time in the Fondren Reading Room helps me stay focused so I can put all my energy into the important things like Senate Organizations Committee and Wesley House College Ministry.

What drove you to run for Student Body VP?

I want to represent people. Being on Senate has allowed me to see all the amazing things SMU can be, but I know there is so much change that can be implemented to better the community. After responding to COVID-19 and spring break last year, along with the recent snowstorm, I knew that I needed to be a voice in the conversations for SMU’s growth. I’ve always been a leader, and I want to use my skills to grow our community.

Alex knows her color schemes to a T, giving us PINK! WHITE! & A HINT OF BLUE! All with a smile.
Alex knows her color schemes to a T, giving us PINK! WHITE! & A HINT OF BLUE! All with a smile. Photo credit: Alex Fassnacht

What’s your favorite TV show/movie?

Definitely “Alias,” Jennifer Garner as a double agent… what else do you need?

What’s your favorite fashion trend?

My favorite fashion trend, hmmm, the death of skinny jeans and the return of straight-leg jeans.

If you could walk the runway for one fashion designer, who would it be and why?

Gucci, mainly so I could see Harry Styles in the front row and possibly fall in love (note from the author: don’t we all want this!).

What’s your go-to accessory?

My mom’s vintage Gucci watch or her quilt jacket (anything from her closet that screams vintage!).

What are the top 3 items in your online shopping cart?

The new Outdoor Voices exercise dress, black platform Converse, and an Alice and Olivia blazer.

What is one thing you wore freshman year that you STILL wear today?

My yoga pants (before Emma Chamberlain made them “cool” again!)

What is your “why”? Why do you do what you want to do?

My “why” is my love for the SMU community. I am so lucky to go to a school with so many dedicated and motivated people and that push me to be better and make this school better. My “why” comes from my experience as a student the past two years. I’ve had the best time, but I’ve also seen SMU with all of its flaws. Those are the flaws I want to fix and the reason I want to be Vice President.

Why do you think you’re the best fit to be SMU’s Student Body VP?

I think I’m the best fit to be SMU’s Student Body Vice President because I will not, and have not, given up when I’ve received a “no” to past ideas. All of the aspects of my campaign are things I genuinely believe will happen if I am Vice President. I have intentionally been fighting against spreading myself too thin with opportunities this semester in order to make sure I am fully committed to this role and the student body. I know that I don’t fold under pressure and can keep a level head when making tough decisions and working with difficult partners.

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