The Lovely Ladies of Rosedale Picnic Company

By Tyler Martin

I had the pleasure to sit down with the three new owners of Dallas’ primary luxury picnic company, Rosedale Picnic Company, to gain insight on the new inspiration and direction.

TM: Tell me all about your company.
Rosedale Picnic Company is a female-founded, luxury picnic company based in the heart of Dallas, Texas. It’s feminine, playful and quintessentially charming. Rosedale targets a wide demographic, offering something for everyone. Rosedale’s mission is to help customers create lasting memories through the gorgeous picnic outings. “Rosedale curates picnics for anytime, anywhere,” says co-owner Isabel Folgmann.

TM: Does your brand offer specific picnic themes to choose from, or when booking a service do you have full creative control?
After inquiring about booking a picnic service, the women will send a booking form where you can personalize your picnic. “We can turn any idea into art,” says co-owner Kate Smith. Rosedale offers a wide variety of color schemes to choose from, as well as many add-ons from our partners, such as “JD’s Chippery” and “Float Balloon Bar.” As operations increase, there will be an expansion in the variety of customizable options. Be sure to keep an eye out for the brand’s relaunch event.

TM: What makes Dallas the perfect spot for an outdoor picnic?
Dallas is so incredibly scenic and charming, which really aligns with the aesthetic of Rosedale. The most popular spot for a picnic location is Flippen Park, which is such a great central location, just ten minutes from the SMU campus.

TM: What are some of your favorite collaborations you have done?
Since the new owners have only recently acquired the company, there have not been any recent collaborations. With that being said, the linen and candle line with Koch and Niven Morgan has to be one of their favorites. There are many future collaborations to look forward to with Rosedale, all aiming to enhance the company’s legacy and prominence in the luxury female-founded business space.

TM: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?
All three owners have a similar perspective to the topic of entrepreneurship… just go for it. The women have only owned the business for just over three months, but the lessons they have learned only make the company stronger. Mistakes in running a new business are inevitable. From filing taxes, arranging tablescapes and communicating with clients and vendors, all experiences have allowed the women to grow. Co-owner Kate Smith emphasizes the importance of investing in your company to produce real results. Co-owner Ava Ingram adds, “our strengths and weaknesses as co-founders have really allowed us to come together.”

TM: What are your biggest challenges as new business owners?
Being a business owner is challenging, especially when life never slows down. All three owners are full-time students at SMU who are also involved on campus in various ways. By dividing responsibilities, being collaborative and communicating effectively, the women believe Rosedale will reach its full potential.

TM: Where can we find you and how do I book a service?
This process is soon to be simplified, but as of now, you can send a message through email or Instagram. The women will reach out to confirm availability and follow up with a booking form.

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All photos by Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin

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