Summer in Review with the Staff

While certainly not the summer any of us planned for or expected at the Look we are a glass half full type of group! Keep reading to see how our staff has made the best of this summer.

Kate Cowles

“My summer highlight this year was spending the 4th of July in Del Mar, California with one of my best friends. Even though the 4th this summer looked a little different, it was so nice to just sleep in and relax on the beach. We had so much fun going on morning walks or hikes and making our afternoon charcuterie boards! Being in California and this summer in general really gave me the chance to focus on bettering my self care routine and being active, things that I love doing but just didn’t have the time to focus on in the past!”

Meredith Embree

“While I spent the majority of my summer working in Chicago, I got to get away for a week to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! The views were absolutely breathtaking. The week was filled with hiking, family time and beautiful sunrise & sunsets.”

Camille Enes

“I’ve been spending more time exploring NorCal since that’s my home, visiting San Francisco and other places such as Lake Tahoe and Dillon Beach!”

Morgan Gruwell

“Despite the pandemic, I was able to embrace the time with my family and travel with my close friends. Making memories I won’t forget!”

Lizzie Loftus

“Without the traditional 9 to 5 internship this summer I was able to travel out West! I learned how to wake surf in Whitefish, Montana with friends and even attended a rodeo. Aside from dreaming of being a real life cowgirl, I’ve focused all my energy this summer on building my candle & jewelry company Winona Street Design, and look forward to bringing the brand to Dallas this fall!”

Mary Wesley Maddox

“A highlight of my summer was turning 21 in July! Even though bars were closed and it was different than I expected, I was able to get together with some of my friends and we had so much fun celebrating!”

Isabel Meadows

Summer 2020… while at first defined by cancellations— blossomed into a chance for new adventures and adaptability. I found myself working as a marketing intern for Highland Park Village’s MARKET! An opportunity that proved wonderful for my wardrobe but trying on my paychecks. My days off included rock climbing, skydiving, long walks and lots and lots of experimental cooking with my sisters. Needless to say, it was not the summer I planned but summer has a way of always warming up on me.”

Sarah Scambray

“Although my study abroad session was cancelled, I was able to catch up on old hobbies like drawing and baking with my family.”

Meredith Welborn

“I’ve been doing creative direction and graphic design for a luxury subscription box company called OuiPlease. All of the products are curated from French brands, and the office is located right here in Dallas! I’ve had a blast creating content for them so much that I’m keeping the internship for the fall!”

With summer dwindling down we’re looking forward to heading back to the hilltop. Make sure to follow the look on instagram to stay up to date with our latest & greatest!


Lizzie Loftus

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