The History of the Denim Jacket

The denim jacket was created in 1888 by Levi Strauss to compliment his jeans that had taken off. Originally dubbed the Triple Pleat Blouse, it was favored by cowboys, railroad engineers and miners. Although the piece has evolved over time, the innate coolness of the piece has earned the jacket the title of “rebels outerwear of choice.”


The original Levi’s Triple Pleat Blouse is characterized by the three seams on the front.


James Dean represents the angst of the American Youth.


This decade brought Rock n’ Roll and the denim jacket was the perfect accessory.

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Bell-bottoms and a denim jacket created the perfect pair in this decade.

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Big and boxy was just the way they liked it in the 80s.

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A continued oversized take on the denim classic.

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This decade gives us the classic Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake look. Denim on denim never goes out of style

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Getting short and tight the denim jacket is a good layering piece.

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A popular style is the shirt jacket, and this one looks incredible in denim.

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These styles are all classics, but I think today it is really about finding a jacket that is unique to you.

Lucy Ladis

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