The Best Super Bowl Halftime Outfits

I have never been a football fan, but the Super Bowl is genuinely a national holiday. People spend so much time planning for their parties and the athletes spend their whole season training. The performers, celebrities and attendees spend a good amount of time figuring out what they will wear for the big day.

Throughout the years, the halftime outfits have always been show-stopping. In my opinion, here are some of the best over the years.

Shakira, Super Bowl 2020

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I am obsessed with Shakira’s Swarvoski mini dress. This is a look we will be looking back at for decades.

Mary J. Blige, Super Bowl 2022

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Mary J. Blige looked stunning in a custom Peter Dundas custom outfit. The white, silver, cheetah and mirrored embellishments are everything!

Madonna, Super Bowl 2012

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In her halftime outfit, Madonna was adorned in a gold headpiece and all gold outfit. So iconic!

The Weeknd, Super Bowl 2021

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Fitted in a Red Givenchy suit, The Weeknd’s halftime look is timeless.

Prince, Super Bowl 2007

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This look is just a prime example of how fashion always repeats itself.

I hope you learned there is more to enjoy about the Super Bowl than just football!

Princess Matthew-Mba

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