Mantra and Co. A jewelry company founded by an SMU student

Founded in February 2020, Nnrithi Subramanian started her jewelry company called Mantra and Co. Nrithi is currently a sophomore at SMU and has been making jewelry since her junior year of high school. With her jewelry, she has built a team of young, inspired women across the country.

Photo credit: Mantra and Co

As a social entrepreneur-based business, the brand’s main mission is to make an impact on the community. For this reason, all proceeds made by Mantra and Co. are donated and used for a greater purpose. Mantra and Co. has successfully made donations to over 20 charities, including local organizations around Dallas, as well as national charities. Mantra and Co. states that, “each purchase on our website transcends beyond performative activism.”

Photo credit: Mantra and Co

The jewelry caters to many different styles and targets millennial to college students. They have simple and statement pieces and are always looking out for what is trending. The most recent jewelry launch, about two weeks ago, was inspired by nature and incorporated its most beautiful elements.

Photo credit: Mantra and Co

Mantra and Co. works hard to create a great customer experience when purchasing a piece from the brand. Each purchase is perfectly packaged with personalized, handwritten notes to let each individual know that they are care for. Because Mantra and Co. works to help the community, they want their customers to know when they buy a piece of jewelry it makes an impact.

Lindsay Rorschach

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